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Every minute counts in the fight against the pandemic. Discover how our smart solutions played a crucial role, creating an efficient, time-saving process.

The challenge

Amid the 2020 pandemic, the Karlsruhe Health Department became responsible for the smooth tracking of COVID-19 patients. With the numbers and requirements changing at a rapid pace, the staff scheduling became incredibly challenging. The district office faced the following:

Turbulent workloads due to the rising and falling COVID-19 numbers > The manual processing of contact tracings required an immense, administrative effort

Staff scheduling and absence planning proved to be extremely difficult during the pandemic

"Since we wanted to allow employees to plan their duty schedules as flexible as possible and independent of location, we appreciate the advantages of this user-friendly app."

Ulrich Max, Responsible Human Resources and Organization Office, Karlsruhe District Office

The problem

The district office relied on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for scheduling, which was a disadvantage since shift changes were difficult to communicate to teams. Short-term absences (such as quarantine measures or illness) and shift changes required many phone calls to employees, which took valuable time away from the work of contact tracing. In addition, planners could not be sure that all employees were aware of the changes on the printed schedules.

Consequently, a solution was needed that would allow the health department to schedule shifts quickly and simplify communication.

The solution

In early 2021, shyftplan swiftly implemented a digital, automated staff scheduling system at the health department. Fast software programming was necessary, especially since the rising infection numbers required prompt action.

The result

The health department can now finally focus on its core task again: contact tracing and the coordination of quarantine measures. It was of the utmost importance to the district office that the staff was involved in the planning process, which gave them real agency. Since the software maps and communicates with the different teams, their personnel requirements, and shifts in real-time, employee satisfaction increased during a very trying time.

shyftplan's solutions proved their efficiency during the pandemic for the Karlsruhe Health Department through:

  • Real-time, cloud-based workforce management that is available anywhere: whether in the home office or on the road

  • Rapid digital implementation,allowing for quick responses to the rise and fall of infection rates

  • Real-time workforce scheduling and absence management that directly adapts ongoing operations to dynamic pandemic developments

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