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Always have your employee schedule on hand by using our mobile app.

Screenshot “shyftplan for iOS”

shyftplan for iOS

Get our iOS app for your iPhone or iPad. Designed exclusively for apple products, it is available at the app store.

Screenshot “shyftplan for Android”

shyftplan for Android

Google Play will hook you up with the shyftplan app for Android devices. Use your tablet or smartphone to access our scheduling tools.

Screenshot “Mobile, Free of Charge”

Mobile, Free of Charge

All our apps for Android and iOS are free of charge. Benefit from mobile scheduling everywhere, anytime, for free.

Quick Overview

Our app will give you a quick overview and all the planning options that you might need on the go.

Screenshot “Employee Schedule – Mobile and Up To Date”

Employee Schedule – Mobile and Up To Date

The app supplies you with the latest version of your schedule on your mobile device. Any changes to the schedule will be made available to you instantly.

Screenshot “Your Own Shifts”

Your Own Shifts

Using shyftplan, you'll have an overview of all your shifts on your mobile device. Keep track of your work times – not only at the work place.

Screenshot “Applying for Shifts Directly at Any Time”

Applying for Shifts Directly at Any Time

Apply for shifts as usual using our app. Choose an open shift and click “Apply”.

Push Notifications

Everyone can be kept up to date using push notifications.

Screenshot “Information on Schedule Changes – Immediate and Up To Date”

Information on Schedule Changes – Immediate and Up To Date

You can inform your employees about any schedule changes straight away. Skip communication delays and keep everybody up to date.

Screenshot “Messages on Screen”

Messages on Screen

Inform your employees about any important changes via push. Our app includes your personal communication system.

Screenshot “Keep Track of Cancellations”

Keep Track of Cancellations

You can set push notifications for cancellations made by your employees. You’ll never miss important changes and always stay on top of things.

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