Evaluation of Work Time

After all the work is done, it’s time for accounting. shyftplan gives you an instant breakdown of all the hours worked and the wages that must be payed.

Screenshot “Filter The Information That You Need”

Filter The Information That You Need

Different filters can be applied to account for the hours logged with shyftplan. You can sort by individual employees, work sites and departments, or choose a particular time spam that you need to look at.

Calculate Potential Wages

shyftplan can use the work hour breakdown to calculate monthly wages. Additionally, you can appoint other values such as overtime surcharges so that they will be considered in the calculation.

Target-Actual Comparison Of Working Time

Compare the hours that you have planned for your employees with the hours that they have logged in shyftplan at a glance.


Filtered by employee, work site or department – create your reports as you need them with shyftplan.

Screenshot “Filter By Employee”

Filter By Employee

Use our filter system to look at an individual employee's breakdowns of working time, wages and shifts or compare several workers. For this filter, you can define different time frames.

Export All Evaluations

You can digitally export all evaluations that you make with shyftplan and use them elsewhere.

Screenshot “Export To Excel”

Export To Excel

If you need to use the data that you generated with shyftplan to make further calculations, you can export everything that you need to Excel. E.g. create a pivot table using your shyftplan data.

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