Your Perfect Schedule

In order to organize your employees in the best possible way you’ll need an employee schedule. Preferably, your best employee schedule. Forget about Excel, forget about paper. Create the ideal employee schedule with shyftplan.

Screenshot “Get the Clearest Overview”

Get the Clearest Overview

With shyftplan you’ll have the option to create your schedule per week, per month or for whatever period necessary, for example a multi-day event. You can decide freely on the timespan, duration or cycle for your schedule.

Screenshot “Your Employees Will Only See What You Want Them to See”

Your Employees Will Only See What You Want Them to See

Plan your schedule without ruffle, nobody will be breathing down your neck. You can publish whatever you want, whenever you want. You’ll be deciding which parts of your plan will be visible to your employees. Keep anything that you need to be private for your personal schedule.

Screenshot “Copy Your Perfect Schedule”

Copy Your Perfect Schedule

Once you’ve created the perfect employee schedule, you can reuse it as you like. Using shyftplan, you can multiply existing schedules and save loads of time by doing so. Of course, you will still be able to do some fine tuning, changes can be applied instantly.

24 View Options

shyftplan offers 24 different view options for you to display your employee schedule as detailed and extensive as you need it.

Screenshot “The Biggest Selection”

The Biggest Selection

Break down your schedule by time lists, working areas or by employee - with shyftplan you can choose the view option that fits your needs best. You won’t miss any gaps, errors and details.

Screenshot “Overviews Per Time Span”

Overviews Per Time Span

Decide which time span you need to look at. Choose between months, weeks or single days. See the details without missing the big picture.

Screenshot “Print Option”

Print Option

Any view option that you choose, you can also print. You’ll have any detail, any overview on hand. Use shyftplan offline.

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