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The employee scheduling app for Android and iPhone

shyftplan App for Android & iOS

With the shyftplan app as a free addition to the scheduling software, you can achieve maximum efficiency in employee scheduling

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Scheduling App for Android & iOS

The shyftplan employee scheduling app is available on iPhone and Android regardless of the device and can be installed on both, smartphone and tablet. This allows employees and planners to use the schedule on the go. Push notifications will give employees information about current events and shifts, new schedules or the status of their shift applications.

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Shiftplan app - smartphone

Schedule always in your pocket

Employees who work in shifts would like to see shifts and absences well in advance. With the shyftplan app, both employees and planners can access the schedule at any time in the calendar view. The shift schedule can be created and communicated for any timeframe to the employees.

Shiftplan - mobile App
Shiftplan - push notification for new shiftplan

Schedule up to date at all times

Employees who work in shifts must keep an eye on their work schedule and their shifts. Since the schedule changes frequently, employees want to be informed about changes as quickly as possible so that they can plan their free time accordingly. With push notifications and dashboards, employees are immediately informed of any changes to their schedule.

Scheduling together with the employees

Employees and planners can clearly see all shifts in the calendar. Whether early, late or night shift, employees can see where and when they work in the shift schedule app. Short-term needs can be announced via push notification and employees can then apply for open shifts.

Shiftplanning of workers

Direct coordination of shift scheduling

With the chat function in the employee scheduling app, planners and employees can clarify the details of the schedule directly. WhatsApp and SMS are now a thing of the past and communication is GDPR-compliant. All employees can be reached on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones & Android tablets.

Shiftplanning - chat function
Shift planning - all devices

Digital Scheduling Software

In the scheduling software in the browser, the employer can create a work schedule for all employees in just a few steps. Find free staff based on qualifications, availability and working hours. The finished schedule can then be coordinated with the employees via the apps.

Shift requests

The involvement of employees in employee scheduling is very difficult with conventional tools such as Excel. This can lead to dissatisfaction or vacant shifts. Applications to join or leave a shift can be made quickly and easily in the app. You can advertise shifts to employees and add bonuses to unpopular shifts to guarantee full staffing.

Shift planning - shift request

Duty planning and time tracking in one app

In order to use the full potential of the app, duty planning can be combined with timekeeping from shyftplan. Here the employee is not only shown the shifts and working hours, but also a time clock with which overtime can be recorded.

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Shift planning app - live view

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