Payroll Accounting

All important data are entered into our system and calculated by shyftplan. Why not let us do your payroll and save loads of time?

Screenshot “Payroll Accounting Using shyftplan”

Payroll Accounting Using shyftplan

Using the data that your employees have entered into shyftplan, we can reliably do your payroll accounting. Payroll export, core data and all other important details come together in our system.

Renowned Partners

In order to do your payroll accounting flawlessly, we cooperate with renowned payroll offices. We work with international seasoned specialists. Get the best service possible.

Screenshot “Transfer – That’s It”

Transfer – That’s It

After your payroll accounting is done, the only thing that’s left to do, is to transfer your employees their wages. Using SEPA block transfers provided by shyftplan, you won’t lose time or wages.

Payroll Data

At your request, shyftplan will handle all registration and data communication with administrative offices as well as your monthly payroll accounting. Save all costs for tax accountants and profit from having all your data in one system.

Screenshot “Reporting to the Taxation Department”

Reporting to the Taxation Department

shyftplan takes care of your payroll tax registration and the data communication with the taxation department. Using ELSTER all data is relayed electronically and as required by the authorities.

Screenshot “Registering With Health Maintenance Organizations”

Registering With Health Maintenance Organizations

Using Dakota, we'll relay your social insurance data to the appropriate health maintenance organization – secure and digitally, just as required by law.

Immediate Reporting Included

If your business is obliged to immediate reporting according to SGB/DEÜV, we’ll also take care of that. Register your employee in shyftplan and they’ll be able to start work straight away.

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