Payroll Journals

All information present in shyftplan can be exported and used for your payroll. It doesn't matter if you'll do that one yourself or just need to relay data to your accountant. shyftplan guarantees access to the right data at the right time.

Screenshot “Automated Accounting of Working Time”

Automated Accounting of Working Time

shyftplan documents the actual working hours of your employees and computes monthly wage entitlements.

Screenshot “Automated Accounting for Vacation Days”

Automated Accounting for Vacation Days

shyftplan will not forget to account for vacation days that are listed in the holiday planner when calculating wages or exporting data for payrolls.

Screenshot “Easy Export of Employee Data”

Easy Export of Employee Data

Any employee data can be exported comfortably to XLS or CSV. This is ideal for your tax accountant or payroll office.

Employee Questionnaire

In cooperation with experts from the Free University of Berlin we have created a questionnaire that gathers your employees’ core data ideally – no more unresolved issues.

Screenshot “Unique, Devised by Experts”

Unique, Devised by Experts

Register any new employee using our questionnaire was created in cooperation with experts from the Free University of Berlin. Using this unique questionnaire, you'll never be in the position of lacking any information that you might need on your employees.

Screenshot “Adjusted to Each Individual Employee”

Adjusted to Each Individual Employee

Our questionnaire adapts to the givens of each position in your company and will ask exactly what you will need to know from each employee individually – no matter if they work for a fixed salary or hourly rates, no matter if they’re auxiliaries or work full time.

Screenshot “Support as Needed”

Support as Needed

While filling out the questionnaire, your employees can use our support feature. It’ll tell them exactly which information is needed and you’ll get all the right answers.

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