Calculation of Target Hours

Hour accounts are important but usually very time-consuming. An hour account in shyftplan keeps itself automatically up-to-date and thereby saves you a lot of time and effort.

Screenshot “Documentation of Daily Working Hours”

Documentation of Daily Working Hours

By creating a work time account for your employees, all their working hours will be automatically documented and archived daily. Nothing gets lost.

Screenshot “Documentation of Temporary Changes”

Documentation of Temporary Changes

In case that the hours worked by your employee change short term, their work time account will keep up with the current status. This is a handy feature to log reduced working hours correctly, for instance.

Screenshot “Archiving of Target Hours”

Archiving of Target Hours

The work time account will archive the target hours of each employee, drawn from the information in your shift schedule. This overview will be available to you.

Temporary Changes

shyftplan's work time account intelligently combines the information from the work schedule, holiday planer and official non-business days.

Screenshot “Documentation of Vacation Days by Hours”

Documentation of Vacation Days by Hours

In case of paid vacations, shyftplan will calculate exactly how many vacation hours an employee is taking and document them in their work time account.

Screenshot “Unpaid Leave”

Unpaid Leave

Unpaid leave will not be logged in the employees' work time accounts.

Screenshot “Nonbusiness Days”

Nonbusiness Days

For official nonbusiness days, shyftplan will not account target hours for your employees – our work time accounting tool really thinks for itself.

Archiving Target Hour

Apart from the automatic process of logging and archiving work time, you'll have the options to make manual changes at any time.

Screenshot “Manual Changes for Overtime”

Manual Changes for Overtime

Account for individual arrangements, such as overtime payouts, by making manual adjustments. You'll have the last say.

Screenshot “Zeroing Work Time Accounts”

Zeroing Work Time Accounts

You can reset work time accounts at any time. Previously logged and archived information will not be lost and are still accessible.

Screenshot “Fix Slip-ups manually”

Fix Slip-ups manually

If someone hasn't logged their working hours correctly, you'll always have the option to make manual adjustments. This feature guarantees ultimate security and overview.

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