All in one: shyftplan covers work scheduling and holiday planning. You’ll see any holiday, sick day or leave of absence at a glance.

Screenshot “Sick Day or Holidays”

Sick Day or Holidays

Scheduling any kind of absence with shyftplan, you can choose between different options: you can determine, whether someone is sick or on holiday without looking any further.

Screenshot “Paid or Unpaid”

Paid or Unpaid

And additional option is to choose between paid and unpaid leave. Keep up to date with your employees' wages and your company's costs.

Screenshot “Planning Aid”

Planning Aid

shyftplan will alert you if you're about to schedule a shift for an employee who's on leave at that time. Profit from the connection between our tools.

Calculation of Absences

shyftplan doesn't have any problems doing the math for irregular working times and part time jobbers. On the contrary – that's where our scheduling tool rises to its full potential.

Screenshot “Absence of Irregular Workers”

Absence of Irregular Workers

shyftplan will only calculate the actual work days of any employee, no matter how irregular their schedule. You'll get an exact calculation of vacation days for any period of time.

Screenshot “Calculation of Remaining Leave”

Calculation of Remaining Leave

If needed, shyftplan can calculate your employees' vacation entitlement per hour. You'll see exactly, how much time off any employee has left.

Screenshot “Calculation of Absence Time of Part Time Workers”

Calculation of Absence Time of Part Time Workers

With shyftplan, exact calculation of part time working hours is guaranteed. Hours worked are logged each day, that's what shyftplan works with.

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