shyftplan, cloud-based software solution for workforce management, receives fresh funds of 7 million euros

In brief

  • Financing round to expand enterprise business
  • Successful business development: Doubling of revenue in the target segment and further blue chip companies among new customers
  • DIVC new lead investor with participation of existing investors

Berlin, 18 May 2021 - shyftplan, the cloud-based software solution for workforce management and employee communication, receives fresh capital of 7 million euros. The Series A expansion is led by DIVC with participation from existing investors including Coparion, UVC and Senovo. The funds are to be used to further expand the enterprise segment.

shyftplan digitalises and automates areas that were previously dominated by blackboards and paperwork. This is how we make workforce management clear and efficient. We bring the advantages of digitalisation and the Future of Work to those who have not benefited from it so far. The workforce management can be adapted to production requirements with more flexibility, for example. This way, substantial costs can be saved in the company and at the same time employee satisfaction can be increased noticeably. We are proud that DAX companies also use our software for employee management. We will build on this and become the leading cloud provider in the field of automated workforce management for enterprises.

Jan-Martin JostenJan-Martin Josten,

The Berlin-based company is well on track: revenues in the enterprise business doubled last year alone. Customers include industrial corporates like Siemens as well as digital companies like Tier. More than 600 companies in 29 countries use the software for their workforce management, automatically create shift plans, coordinate absences, find replacements in case of absences and record working hours, all in real time. The more complex the planning process is the greater the added value, which is why even factories with many thousands of employees easily plan their employees with the cloud solution. This way, shyftplan creates transparency in "human-related processes", which is not possible with traditional tools such as Excel. This benefits both the company through better workforce management and its employees through greater flexibility.

Especially due to the pressure of the Covid 19 pandemic, many companies have become more aware of how important it is to make work assignments more flexible. This can only be realised if workforce management is digitalised and intelligently designed. We see great potential in shyftplan's solutions to make working in companies more transparent, efficient and intelligent.

Dr. Torsten KreindlDr. Torsten Kreindl, DIVC

About shyftplan

shyftplan, a cloud-based software, digitalises workforce management and related processes. The solution enables greater efficiency and transparency through intelligent automation. At the same time, an intuitive app allows employees to get involved in the planning process. On the market for seven years, shyftplan is redefining human resource management.

shyftplan is headquartered in Berlin and is led by managing directors Jan-Martin Josten and Dr. Farhood Torabian. Investors include DIVC, Coparion, UVC, Senovo, Kizoo and SEK.

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