Avoid risks – with automatization

Malfunctions during operations will cost you time and money. We'll show you how our smart, automated solutions can help you eliminate risks, avoid errors, and achieve better results.

Smooth operation

(Do) You want your company to run like clockwork? We think so, too. That's why our smart software ensures that everything runs according to plan:

  • Short-term outages are quickly replaced
  • All your duty scheduling expertise in one central, independent location
  • Avoid over- or understaffing (including machine idling)
24 Smooth Work
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Watch out for regulations

Especially in shift planning, you have to pay attention to a large number of work time protection laws – or simply let our software take care of that automatically.

  • Automatic compliance with work breaks, etc.
  • Absolutely compliant with GDPR

Cloud solution: Digital Safety First!

With our state-of-the-art cloud encryption, all your data is not only secure – you can also access it whenever you need it.

  • Server located in Germany
  • Protection against data loss
  • Highest security against data theft and espionage
  • All data available: anytime, anywhere
26 Safe Cloud
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Effortlessly assign rights

Not all information is intended for all eyes. Simply define who can see what and/or how much. This will prevent dishonest workplace conduct and ensures your employees only have access to the information they’re supposed to.

  • Employees only receive the information that is relevant to them
  • Separate roles for employees and work councils possible
  • Illness will only be reported to authorized persons

API connectivity

Don't lose your data: Integrate shyftplan effortlessly into your existing systems and ensure a smooth workflow

  • Avoid errors during manual data transfer

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