Cloud-based security

Rely on a centrally managed infrastructure with our cloud-based software. This not only simplifies planning processes, but also provides a maintenance-free service that is continuously updated and improved in the background.

Reliable servers located in Germany

No matter what kind of data you want to store Our high-security servers are located in Germany. This not only ensures that your data is in safe hands – you can also rest assured that no data will be passed on to third parties countries (in compliance with GDPR)

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Don't worry about data loss

Thanks to the cloud-based solution, your data is always kept safe and will not be lost due to errors and breakdowns.

Digital security

Our servers are equipped with top-notch security systems. This prevents unauthorized persons from accessing your sensitive data – a major advantage over chat programs or your staff's private computers.

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Full access to all data. Every time, anywhere.

Our solution enables you and your employees to access all data from anywhere and at any time. This also saves time and costs.