Time is money

Let’s face it, manual shift scheduling is time-consuming. You must rearrange charts, move shifts around, and then coordinate new schedules you’re your employees. Not to mention vacations, absences, illnesses, and more. Our automated shift scheduling software saves you time and money.

These functions help save time and money:

Everything is automated

Why not schedule your shifts automatically with us? Simply enter which employees have what skills and when they're needed. Our smart software does the rest, such as:

  • Automatically assigning shifts to employees according to their skills

  • Considering vacation days and absences

  • Direct notifications to employees

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Your company, your rules

You set the rules, depending on the shift schedule. With us, even the most complex request can be incorporated fairly and transparently into the software. This means scalable parameters, e.g. the number of hours per week, day and night shifts, etc.

Digital time tracking

With shyftplan, we make things incredibly efficient in terms of working hours. With software to record each hour, you have the perfect overview and everything within reach. What else can you enjoy?

  • Hourly accounts per employee

  • Employees can clock in and out, also via the app

  • Time recording integration

  • Direct overview of the number of hours worked

  • No more timesheets

  • European Court of Justice (ECJ) compliant

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