Digital time tracking

Time sheets are a thing of the past. With shyftplan, you always have an overview of all hours worked by your employees – and less work with time recording.

One account per employee

You can quickly view an employee’s overtime and undertime hours. This data is available in our system at any time during your automatic shift planning. In this way, labor law or internal company regulations regarding staff working hours are also automatically considered.

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The option to check in and out, digitally

Our digital time stamp clock makes it easy to record working hours on the go. You don't need expensive equipment or a different computer for this. Let your employees clock in and out on a tablet in your company's entrance area or their workplace computer. You can also give your employees the option of doing this on their smartphones.

Seamless system integration

Any hours your employees worked are collected with our recording tool, which is clearly displayed and may be used for accounting and evaluation purposes.

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Everything, at a glance

With one click, you have an immediate overview of all the hours worked by your employees.

Goodbye paperwork

Avoid paper waste and save time. Our digital time recording eliminates the need to transfer timesheets into your payroll systems manually. In addition, your employees can scan in certificates of incapacity to work directly.

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ECJ-approved time recording

According to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling, the correct recording of working hours is mandatory for all EU employers. With shyftplan, you are on the safe side. Our recording software automatically detects and sends a warning in non-compliance with rest periods, break times, and contractual working time.