Unleash your workforce potential

Rely on modern, automated workforce scheduling. With our solutions, you motivate your employees and increase their level of satisfaction, thereby ensuring greater efficiency.

These functions will help increase employee motivation:

Demand-driven workforce management

You want to maintain full control over scheduling while involving staff and responding quickly to challenges? No problem with these features:

  • Independent shift swapping

  • Automated replacement search in case of breakdowns

  • Preferences and availabilities

  • Potential application for freed-up shifts

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Real Time Planning DE 2x

Planning in real time

Work schedules are dynamic, just like our software. Any changes get updated right away and any relevant information gets forwarded immediately to all employees.

  • Automatic syncing between staffing requirements and actual capacities

  • Real-time absences

  • Live overview of all actual capacities

100% data protection compliant

In times of increasingly important data protection laws, we offer a modern solution:

  • Encrypted, secure, and GDPR compliant software

  • Forget insecure instant messengers or phone chains

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Appealing and modern

Stay up to date with your workforce planning and meet your employees’, both current and future, expectations.

  • Depending on your needs, use as a web app or as a smartphone app

  • Enjoy a clear, aesthetic user interface