Communication with employees in real-time

Find out which features help you utilize your employee’s time as efficiently/productively as possible.

Get the perfect overview thanks to automated synchronization

Immediately see how many employees you need and how many are available for a particular shift. This centralized overview of current capacities and the qualifications of employees allows you to organize downtime in an efficient way.

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Real-time absence management

Which employee is absent and when? How many employees are available and when? To plan substitutions and avoid demand bottlenecks, you no longer need to update spreadsheets or call someone on the phone afterwards – a few clicks within the app are enough.

Live summary

Track in real-time how many employees are currently available. This allows you to easily plan how much work can currently still be done / This allows you to easily see how much unutilized capacity is still available so you can maximize the productivity of your workforce.

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Push message notification

Finally, no more phone chains, no more messenger services, and no more missing or delayed information. Every employee is immediately notified when something happens. Privacy-compliant and securely encrypted.