Demand-driven workforce management

Learn which functions help you maximise your employees’ potential

Independent shift swapping

shyftplan offers you a shift swap function, where employees can swap shifts with their colleagues if both parties agree.

If desired, the entire shift planning can be left to your employees. Whatever you choose, our software ensures that all quality requirements for your personnel planning are met.

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Automated replacement search

Thanks to a qualification matrix, you can quickly find a professional and available employee if a replacement is needed. A push notification will inform the respective employee.

Preferences and availabilities

Let your employees specify their preferences and availabilities for specific shifts so they can work when it suits them best. With us, the work that needs to get done will always get done.

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As free as possible, as close as necessary

Define, in advance, which individual authorizations your employees are allowed to undertake. You can also specify certain rules that must be considered when shift planning, such as the allotted number of first responders per shift, etc.

Additional voluntary shifts

If vacancies are available, employees are notified directly. Employees can then apply for these shifts in real-time, quickly ensuring that workers are available.

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