We are shyftplan

The leading expert in digital shift planning.

Together we shape the future

Your advantage, our expertise

Thanks to trendsetting innovation, we are a leader in digital shift planning. This enables us to develop intelligent software solutions perfectly tailored to a wide range of companies and their needs.

Our customers, as versatile as our capabilities

No matter how complex your challenges are – we will find the right solution for them. That's why our customers include DACH corporations as well as large companies. Our clients span various industries: digital companies, logistics operations, even industrial production facilities to optimize their shift scheduling and operational processes.

Our goal, your success

In addition to our search for the ideal implementation, we are driven by one question: How can we help your company optimize shift planning and the respective operational processes in such a way that your entire company benefits?

This is why we see ourselves as a service provider and partner who always keeps your company top of mind, accompanying you until you have reached your goals.

We look forward to your plans,


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Markus Stübing

Shift planning expert


Ben Tanamal

Customer consultant

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