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The partners of shyftplan - a strong network from which companies benefit. Together we help to make digital workforce management efficient and easy. Our network of qualified partners makes it possible to optimally meet the most diverse requirements of our customers.

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The market leader in enterprise software provides machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics technologies that make business processes smarter, faster and easier. Whether SAP SuccessFactors or SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization, our tested interface via the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) makes it easy for all customers to connect. shyftplan enables automated shift scheduling by providing a straightforward and secure connection to existing SAP products.

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Personio simplifies HR processes with an all-in-one people management & recruiting software and provides people workflow automation. This revolutionizes the way teams and applications work together. The focus is on automated processes, people and tools that communicate with each other - for more efficiency. shyftplan is the ideal complement to Personio's product portfolio with its flexible shift planning solutions.

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WePlan helps workforce planning teams in aviation and logistics meet the challenges of the ever-changing world of work with intelligent and flexible software. WePlan's demand analysis works hand-in-hand with shift planning to ensure work scheduling is aligned with demand.


The finance, HR and planning solution in an enterprise management cloud. Workday is built on an adaptive architecture that allows Workday's technology platform to continuously expand. Machine learning and extensible frameworks, along with advanced analytics and other innovative technologies, enable increasingly personalized user experiences with ever-smarter features. Workday's proven solutions seamlessly integrate with shyftplan's workforce planning solutions.

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Internal communications need a platform to reach and engage all employees through the right channels. Staffbase's employee apps and intranets set standards for simplicity, reach, employee engagement and personalization. In conjunction with workforce planning, this enables holistic employee communication on mobile devices.


EasySecure offers everything around access management. Intelligent card readers, fingerprint scanners, face recognition, keypads, wireless cylinders and wireless door handles. Registration is possible by cell phone, card, chip, code, finger and / or face. Digital access control in combination with staff scheduling information means significant improvements in security for companies and employees alike.

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The employee app for operational workforces. Internal communication has never been easier. Flip reaches all employees - from the office to the floor. With just two clicks, the entire workforce can be reached and outdated systems like bulletin boards & terminals are replaced. Planning processes and information that are easily accessible to employees and tailored to the business combine to create a single entity for real-time communication.

SSZ Consulting

SSZ is a consulting company specializing in demand-oriented shift and personnel scheduling, working time consulting as well as software selection for personnel scheduling and time management. Thematically focused, SSZ advises customers from all industries and ensures that they use their most expensive resource effectively: Their personnel.

Based on more than 20 years of experience in these topics, SSZ creates the organizational conditions for flexible personnel capacity. We deliver practical concepts and accompany our clients during implementation.

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Your benefits as a partner:


Our handpicked partners complement shyftplan in individual ways. Together, we can take the customer experience to the next level and exceed customer expectations.


At your customers, our software solution could be used, for example, as part of transformation projects. At our customers, there is occasionally a need for support in the analysis and optimization of business processes. Together, we offer the customer our knowledge so that workforce planning is successfully optimized.


Your benefit consists not only of pro rata license sales. Furthermore, the focus is on rapid implementation successes and a "show-case" for successful digitization, both goals directly serving the customer.

Interested in becoming a partner?