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AI-supported shift scheduling

With our cloud solution, companies successfully automate their shift scheduling. Scalable to thousands of employees. Even for complex shift models.

shyftplans functionalities at a glance

Discover the many possibilities for efficient and automated shift planning.

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  • AI-supported shift allocation
  • Integrated demand planning
  • GDPR-compliant employee communication
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  • Filling staff absences
  • Annual vacation planning
  • Shift swaps
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  • Working time account integration
  • Time recording tools
  • Time recording via shyftplan
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  • Contract conditions of employees
  • Shift preferences of employees
  • Granular authorization concept
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  • Standard integration with all SAP systems and many more
  • Open RESTful API & shyftconnect
  • Extensive documentation and certifications
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Leading companies trust shyftplan

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Why industry leaders like Siemens and ZF rely on shyftplan:

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Unique automation

Our intelligent automations ensure optimal shift staffing - even in the event of short-term absences. Planning with real-time data enables smooth shifts and minimizes bottlenecks.

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Innovative usability

shyftplan redefines user-friendliness. For example, planners can make extensive adjustments in just a few minutes or employees can simply enter their preferences or record overtime.

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Maximal integration

shyftplan can be quickly and easily integrated with all SAP systems. Our specially developed integration module, shyftconnect, is so flexible that it can also be linked to all open third-party systems.

shyftplan's AI will revolutionize your shift planning.

Our artificial intelligence creates shift plans to suit your demand planning. It fills the shifts optimally and fairly, weighing up 23 different parameters. Absences and short-notice absences can be filled automatically. And it offers numerous intelligent functions for manual fine-tuning.

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98% employee satisfaction at Siemens Energy with shyftplan AI

AI-supported shift planning ensures 98% employee satisfaction and more productivity. Find out first-hand how flexible shift planning and intelligent personnel management tools have contributed to a noticeable improvement in everyday working life at Siemens Energy.

Easy integration thanks to shyftconnect

shyftplan only achieves its highest level of automation when connected to other HR and ERP systems. Our middle layer developed specifically for shyftplan has been proven to shorten previously lengthy integration projects to just a few weeks. Thanks to shyftconnect, the connection to all common systems, be it SAP, Workday or Personio, becomes a standard integration.

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shyftplan is a partner for workforce scheduling in the SAP Industry Cloud.

Native cloud software is the future for innovative and future-proof solutions. shyftplan is an official partner of the SAP Industry Cloud.

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Get to know shyftplan in just 100 seconds

See how companies successfully automate their shift planning with our cloud solution.
Scalable to thousands of employees. Even for complex shift models.

Discover how you can make your planning even smarter: