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Easy shift scheduling

There's a never ending back and forth while scheduling shifts? Not anymore. Just a few clicks and your shift schedule is done. Weekly schedule, monthly schedule or a special schedule for an event – shyftplan adapts to your needs. You can also copy your shift schedule from last week in order to save even more time.

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Schichtplan erstellen Schichtplan

Easily assign employees

Who wants to work when, on which position and in which shift? Always keep the overview! With one move of your mouse you can directly assign your employees to shifts and perfectly fill the shift. Consider the wishes of your employees and make everyone happy!

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Mitarbeiter zuweisen Mitarbeiter zuweisen

Fast evaluation and export of worked hours

Until now, you had a big task at the end of each week - evaluating all shifts and summing up the worked hours. Not anymore! If you wish so, your employees can evaluate their shifts to-the-minute and enter their actual start and end times themselves. Afterwards, you can easily find out who worked where in which position for how long and what he or she earned - with the help of filters. With one click you can also export this information. It can be used as an official documentation of the working hours in case of an inspection according to the German minimum wage law (§17 MiLoG).

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Auswertung und Export Auswertung

Punch time

Who came and left when and had how many breaks? Our punch time answers all of these questions without you having to lift a single finger. It doesn't matter whether you use an iPad or laptop - once you have started the punch time function your employees can immediately punch in. This way you can always keep track of the worked hours, both for your internal planning as well as for external inspections according to the German minimum wage law (§17 MiLoG).

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Auswertung und Export Zeitstempel

1-Click payroll

Payroll takes time, wracks your nerves and costs money. Until now! Since you already scheduled and evaluated who has worked when and where, you can carry out your payroll in shyftplan with just one click. Apart from saving time you will also save money, because with shyftplan your payroll costs will be about 70% less than having it done by a tax consultant.

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shyftplan app

With our mobile app you can use shyftplan across all your portable devices. The apps for Android and iOS are available for free, so you can fully enjoy all the benefits of mobile shift scheduling.

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Westwing is expected to show competence, reliability and style. With the shyftplan employee scheduling software our team is perfectly organized and can fully concentrate on fulfilling our customers' needs.
Tim Schäfer von Westwing
Tesla Motors
At Tesla we have high standards for a product - it has to be innovative, environmentally friendly and efficient, all of which we have found in the digital shift schedule of shyftplan.
Erik Barz Store Manager von Tesla Motors Nuernberg
We love food products and our employees. Therefore we handle our staff planning with the mobile employee scheduling software called shyftplan.
Norman Wahrn Marktleiter Kiezmarkt

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