Shifts made smarter.

We help companies to accelerate challenging workflows in complex shift scheduling with automated processes in our intelligent cloud-based solution.

The value of shyftplan

Engage your employees

with demand-driven workforce management

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Avoid risks

in your operations and with compliance

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Save time and money

through digitalized shift planning

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Why shyftplan?


Personalized solutions

shyftplan is perfectly tailored to scheduling large and complex workforces


Maximum efficiency

shyftplan enables your company to achieve the ideal shift planning



Our solution is suitable for even the most challenging workforce planning requirements


Unlimited scalability

We offer the world's only cloud solution for shift planning that is infinitely scalable



shyftplan is the only solution for highly complex processes like switching from 3 to 5 shift systems



Our state-of-the-art cloud encryption ensures maximum data security


Easy integration

We offer the most modern API solutions, which can be effortlessly integrated into existing systems



We guarantee a fast and smooth setup


Always on your side

shyftplan offers the best-in-class onboarding & support services

Excellent customer reviews

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shifts are made smarter

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