Real-time absence management

Short-term staff absences and annual holiday planning are huge time wasters in personnel scheduling. A problem of the past thanks to shyftplan.

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Manage short-term staff absences

Staff shortages are mapped in shyftplan in real time. With just one click, shyftplan suggests suitable employees to fill vacant shifts. If you accept the suggestions, your employees are notified. The AI then weighs up the employees' feedback fairly and schedules the replacement.

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Customer Favorite: Fully automatic backfilling

shyftplan offers a function that can be activated to automatically fill short-term staff shortages with the right people. The shyftplan AI takes into account not only availability, but also the qualifications and preferences of employees.

Employee sick notes in real time

shyftplan not only optimizes working time planning, but also makes a significant contribution to employee satisfaction. Administrative processes such as submitting sick notes and uploading documents are quick and easy thanks to the user-friendly app. Functions such as shift swapping also give your employees more self-determination and flexibility in their day-to-day work.

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Customer Favorite: System-supported planning of annual leave

shyftplan makes it possible to match employees' vacation requests with requirements planning - for an efficient, transparent and fair planning process.

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Smart annual leave planning - less effort, more fairness

The tedious task of annual leave planning becomes playfully easy with shyftplan. Employees enter their holiday requests conveniently via the system or the shyftplan app. Planners can then review them and take the holiday planning into account when creating the shift schedule.

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Customer Favorite: Shift swapping with AI-supported validation

With shyftplan, employees can be given the option to swap shifts with each other in accordance with the rules. The software automatically validates in the background whether all quality requirements for shift planning are met.

Shift swaps and short-term vacation requests for more flexibility

If the function is activated, shyftplan enables your employees to swap individual shifts after independent consultation. shyftplan automatically validates whether the right qualifications are available and whether labour law regulations are complied with.
Even short-term holidays or overtime reductions can easily be planned with shyftplan.

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Mit der shyftplan-KI zu 98% Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit bei Siemens Energy

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KI-unterstützte Schichtplanung sorgt für objektiv gute und faire Dienstpläne und dadurch für 98% Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit sowie maximale Produktivität. Erfahren Sie aus erster Hand, wie flexible Schichtplanung und intelligente Personalmanagement-Tools bei Siemens Energy zu einer spürbaren Verbesserung des Arbeitsalltags beigetragen haben.