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Seamless system integration

Thanks to interfaces for common HR tools such as SAP and Personio, shyftplan can be seamlessly integrated into your IT landscape.

Standard integration for all SAP systems and other HR software solutions

With shyftconnect, shyftplan offers a standard interface that establishes data exchange with your systems quickly, securely and easily. Instead of months of IT projects, the introduction of shyftplan becomes a quick success story. shyftconnect has been verified by SAP for this purpose and seamlessly connects SAP SuccessFactors, SAP APO or SAP HCM. This means that employee data from SuccessFactors or requirements from SAP APO can automatically be transferred to shyftplan. Other common HR tools such as Personio or Veda can also be connected via shyftconnect.

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Would you like to learn more about our SAP integration?

On this page we gathered further information for you on connecting your SAP solution to shyftplan.

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See planned shifts directly in your calendar

With shyftplan, your employees can synchronize their planned shifts with Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. This means that the current working times are always directly at hand.

shyftplan Kalender Integration
shyftplan API Dokumentation

Comprehensive documentation 

To provide your IT staff with optimum support when connecting the systems, shyftplan has detailed and modern documentation for the API. 

You can find our API documentation here.

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Are you using a locally installed SAP solution? No problem!

Find out more about how you can also connect shyftplan to your locally installed (on-premise) software.

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