Automated shift planning

Create shift plans for thousands of employees with minimal effort. shyftplan always finds the best possible staffing, even in complex shift systems.

Automated shift planning shyftplan

Shift plan at the touch of a button

Automate your staff scheduling with shyftplan. You enter your priorities and preferences and our AI suggests the optimum shift plan for you. This allows you to create customised shift plans that meet your operational and legal requirements. In doing so, shyftplan takes into account all operationally and legally relevant factors, such as availability, qualifications, preferences or working time laws. Even in the event of additional requirements or absences, shyftplan recommends the best replacements in real time.

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  • Automatic and fair shift allocation
  • Detailed planning via free multi-selection and mass changes
  • Optional functions for employee inclusion
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Customer Favorite: Intelligent shift allocation and backfilling

With just a few hundred employees, there are already millions of possible shift plans. shyftplan determines the optimum plan based on your settings.

03 staff scheduling in harmony with production planning

Staff scheduling in harmony with production planning

shyftplan enables you to continuously synchronize your requirements with the current workforce planning. In the event of demand gaps or overplanning, shyftplan algorithmically determines the most efficient solution to meet production requirements.

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Customer Favorite: Validation of planning scenarios

shyftplan communicates seamlessly with your existing ERP, MES and HR systems to suggest replacement staffing in real time in the event of short-term adjustments to requirements.

Store preferences and priorities

Store customised rules to ensure that shift schedules automatically take into account operational and legal requirements. These include maximum working hours, rest periods, plant-specific public holidays, contractual working time regulations and much more.

98% employee satisfaction at Siemens Energy with shyftplan

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AI-supported shift planning ensures objectively good and fair shift schedules, resulting in 98% employee satisfaction and maximum productivity. Find out first-hand how flexible shift planning and intelligent personnel management tools have contributed to a noticeable improvement in everyday working life at Siemens Energy.