Working time accounts at a glance

shyftplan automatically takes your employees' working time accounts into account when planning shifts. This allows you to avoid overtime and ensure transparency.

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Simple recording, clear overview in real time

With shyftplan's working time accounts, you can track and automatically balance your employees' hours in real time. This means you always have an overview of overtime and time-off and can take this into account when planning staff deployment in order to comply with labor law or internal company regulations. Excel and CSV exports are available for printouts.

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Customer Favorite: Automated clocking out and live overview of attendances

With the digital time clock in the shyftplan app, manual time stamps are a thing of the past. Our smart solution enables automatic clocking out so that no minute of work goes unrecorded. The live display of employee attendance provides a real-time overview of the attendance status of your employees and allows more efficient coordination.

Do you already have a working time recording solution?

No problem! shyftplan integrates common working time recording solutions to provide you with a holistic view of shift planning. Thanks to the integration, the recorded working times are booked in the working time accounts in shyftplan and taken into account in shift planning. This helps you to avoid unnecessary overtime for your employees.

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Customer Favorite: Efficient communication with employees

shyftplans automatic notifications enable efficient and GDPR-compliant communication with your employees. Every comment on a working time correction triggers an automatic notification that reaches both you as the manager and the employees concerned. This allows everyone involved to react promptly to changes and ensures that working time recording remains accurate and transparent.

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Time recording - retrospective adjustment of working hours

With shyftplan's time recording function, your employees can record and correct their working hours retrospectively. This not only promotes the accuracy of data recording, but also trust and satisfaction within the team. As a manager, you receive suggestions for correcting working hours directly from your employees and can respond to them quickly and easily. This ensures clarity and fairness on both sides.

98% employee satisfaction at Siemens Energy with shyftplan

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AI-supported shift planning ensures objectively good and fair shift schedules, resulting in 98% employee satisfaction and maximum productivity. Find out first-hand how flexible shift planning and intelligent personnel management tools have contributed to a noticeable improvement in everyday working life at Siemens Energy.