Employee data and rights always up to date

In shyftplan, you can enter and maintain all essential employee information for shift planning. Managing the data saves you time searching and makes it easy to keep the data for your shift plan up to date at all times.

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15 Managing employee information efficiently

No more duplicate maintenance and manual data entry

You decide whether you want to enter your data into shyftplan or your existing systems. Thanks to shyftplan's standard interface for your HR solutions, your employee data always remains synchronized and is available at a glance.

Contractual availability always in view

Store your contractually agreed working hours and holiday quotas in shyftplan. This ensures that all contractual requirements are taken into account during scheduling and enables you to better take your employees' holiday requests into account during annual leave planning.

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Take employee preferences into account

In shyftplan, you can activate functions that allow your employees to define their own working time preferences. You can freely determine how strongly these preferences should be weighted in the planning. Taking your specifications into account, shyftplan then creates the best possible shift plan with the help of AI.

Assign work areas & positions

Create specific work areas and positions in shyftplan and assign them to your employees. This allows you to maintain oversight, avoid bottlenecks and ensure that all relevant work areas are included in your plan for each shift.

Already stored your work areas & positions in SAP? Good! shyftconnect offers a quick and easy connection from SAP to shyftplan and enables automatic data transfer.

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Your shift plan: Created in no time thanks to the qualification matrix

shyftplan automatically takes employee qualifications into account, so that the right employees are always assigned to the work areas where they are needed.


Clear roles & rights for all users

Benefit from efficient collaboration between managers and employees thanks to a clear roles and rights system. The rights management system allows you to individually and precisely set the respective read and write rights for different user groups. This improves security, saves time and increases productivity in shift planning.

98% employee satisfaction at Siemens Energy with shyftplan

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AI-supported shift planning ensures objectively good and fair shift schedules, resulting in 98% employee satisfaction and maximum productivity. Find out first-hand how flexible shift planning and intelligent personnel management tools have contributed to a noticeable improvement in everyday working life at Siemens Energy.