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From the industry for the industry: best practices for your shift planning

Discover the new standard in shift planning. Our solution is based on proven best practice approaches that are continuously being expanded to meet the needs of the industry today and tomorrow. For this we heavily rely on user tests and industry insights.

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Automated and AI-supported shift planning

Availabilities and qualifications are compared in real time and shifts are filled automatically - in accordance with all legal requirements. Even with fluctuating demand and short-term staff absences, shyftplan optimizes shift staffing through AI-supported recommendations. Transparent and fair planning promotes employee satisfaction and maximizes your overall efficiency.

Your options:

  • Automatic and fair allocation of employees to shifts
  • Individual adjustments of detailed planning conveniently via mass editing
  • Open your shift plan for shift applications from employees, for example for delivery shifts and special shifts
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Automation highlights: Intelligent allocation of employees to shifts and backfilling in real time:

shyftplan puts together the ideal shift schedule, taking into account qualifications, employee preferences, availability and working time laws. A total of 23 different parameters are taken into account by the AI, and even in the event of short-term absences, shyftplan ensures automatic backfilling and thus smooth operations.

Staff scheduling in harmony with production planning

Create demand-oriented shift plans automatically. shyftplan compares your requirements with the current workforce planning. Gaps in demand can be filled automatically and over-scheduling can be identified and corrected at a glance. For this purpose, your ERP (e.g. SAP APO) is connected to shyftplan. Different options are available depending on your requirements:

  • Fully automatic shift planning incl. adjustments in the event of changes in demand
  • Application of rotating employee groups for 3- or 4-shift models as well as fully continuous shift models (full-continuous / 21-shift plan)
  • Creation of individual shift schedules supported by our AI
03 staff scheduling in harmony with production planning
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Automation highlights: Validation of planning scenarios

With shyftplan, short and medium-term demand adjustments can be automatically transferred to workforce scheduling - including minimization of overtime and maximum reduction of overtime.

Individual rules, automatic compliance

Store your individual rules, which shyftplan checks in the background at every planning step. In this way, compliance with all relevant labor law regulations is always guaranteed. shyftplan distinguishes between the following rule types:

  • Maximum working time
  • Breaks and rest periods between shifts
  • Plant-specific public holidays
  • Contractual working time regulations per employee
  • Optional: Preferences of employees
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Automation highlights: higher planning quality, less effort

With shyftplan, you can ensure that all labor law and individual requirements are precisely adhered to. The software automatically takes care of the correct implementation so that your shift planners can concentrate on the important tasks.

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98% employee satisfaction at Siemens Energy with shyftplan AI

AI-supported shift planning ensures objectively good and fair shift schedules, resulting in 98% employee satisfaction and maximum productivity. Find out first-hand how flexible shift planning and intelligent personnel management tools have contributed to a noticeable improvement in everyday working life at Siemens Energy.

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