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EasySecure x shyftplan

Our customers need customized solutions, which we can offer together with EasySecure. An interview with easysecure:

1. What opportunities do you see in combining EasySecure and shyftplan?

Today's technological possibilities are revolutionizing the way we work and our productivity. Cloud solutions, for example, have now found their way into our lives and are changing our everyday working lives in the long term. In addition, modern software now communicates with other software applications as a matter of course and minimizes manual work. This is precisely the result of linking EasySecure with shyftplan.

2. How do you think added value can be offered to joint customers / what is the added value for joint customers?

EasySecure and shyftplan are both specialists in the cloud. By working together, customers benefit from the advantages of both solutions. For example, times, attendance, access controls and evaluations can be accurately recorded in real time.

3. What are the requirements currently being placed on the market? How can we meet them?

Speed, security and quality have never been in such high demand. A well-functioning interface with secure data exchange is particularly important in view of the GDPR.

4. What did you think when EasySecure approached you about a cooperation?

Time recording is often a direct starting point for the digitalization of duty scheduling. We already knew EasySecure as one of the best providers for time recording and we already have customers in common. Our cooperation will make the interaction between the two solutions even simpler and more intuitive.

5. What do you see as the strengths of our collaboration?

Customers get a software solution from a single source that covers the automation of data transfer for time and attendance recording and workforce scheduling. This results in a significant increase in efficiency in planning.

6. What opportunities does cooperation open up? What are you hoping for?

The collaboration opens up opportunities to offer the customer more functionality and more growth opportunities. In addition to security, employee satisfaction is the top priority for both providers. This works by helping customers to digitize and automate processes. This means that employees can clock in quickly and securely, be sure that all data is processed in accordance with data protection regulations and at the same time be involved in the planning process for scheduling.

7. How would you describe what EasySecure and shyftplan offer together?

The collaboration combines the best of two specialists. For example, EasySecure as hardware enables employees to clock in at the building entrance. The information is then forwarded to shyftplan, which processes it for analysis. It therefore offers many possibilities that have a positive impact not only at management level but also at employee level. Customers gain more flexibility in both their professional and private lives thanks to the advantages of both cloud systems, which promotes satisfaction for everyone in the long term.

8 Who are the customers who benefit from the package?

Medium-sized and large companies in particular will benefit from the package. Both offers are flexibly scalable and can grow with requirements.

By the way: Werner Roest, CEO of Easysecure, recently visited us to talk about "Logistics 4.0: Access management meets digital shift planning". Find out in this 40-minute webinar how you can achieve significantly increased efficiency and greater data security through automated processes.