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Central data management in shyftplan is the key to optimizing your personnel resource planning. Thanks to simple connections, shyftplan synchronizes your data from solutions such as SAP that you are already using.

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15 Managing employee information efficiently

Managing employee information efficiently

Effective management of employee information is a cornerstone of any successful organization. Our solution enables you to centrally record all essential employee information for shift planning in shyftplan. Centralized data management saves you time searching and makes it easy to keep the data for your shift plan up to date.

Contractual availability always in view

Simply store the contractually agreed working hours and vacation quotas in shyftplan and ensure that all requirements are met. Transparent and fair vacation as well as working time regulations also increase the satisfaction of your employees and you can take vacation requests into account in good time and thus promote work-life balance.

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Take employee preferences into account

You can enable your employees to enter their own working time preferences in shyftplan. The shyftplan AI tries to implement these in the best possible way, taking into account the fulfillment of your company's planning goals. Companies benefit from increased employee satisfaction, productivity and commitment. Invest in the individual freedom of your employees and experience a win-win situation that benefits both your company and your employees.

Assign work areas & positions

Create specific work areas and positions in shyftplan and assign them to your employees. This allows you to maintain an overview, avoid bottlenecks and ensure that all relevant work areas are included in your shift plan for each shift.

Have you already stored your work areas & positions in SAP? No problem. shyftconnect offers the ideal option for a quick and easy connection from SAP to shyftplan and enables automatic data transfer.

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Your shift plan: Created in no time thanks to the qualification matrix - Coming end of 2024!

Let the shyftplan AI automatically create your shift plan based on 23 different factors such as production requirements, availability and qualifications! With the new and fully compatible qualification matrix product shyftplan offers you a way to automatically fill work areas and positions with the employees trained for them.

Clear roles & rights for all users

Benefit from efficient collaboration between managers and employees thanks to a clear roles and rights system. The rights management system allows you to individually and precisely set the respective read and write rights for different user groups. This improves security, saves time and increases productivity in shift planning.

GDPR compliant 001

GDPR compliant

Data protection and information security are of the utmost importance at shyftplan. We use state-of-the-art technologies and regular monitoring processes to ensure the security of your data. At the same time, shyftplan ensures that your internal communication on shift schedules is GDPR-compliant. Talk to our experts to find out more about how we protect your data.

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98% employee satisfaction at Siemens Energy with shyftplan AI

AI-supported shift planning ensures objectively good and fair shift schedules, resulting in 98% employee satisfaction and maximum productivity. Find out first-hand how flexible shift planning and intelligent personnel management tools have contributed to a noticeable improvement in everyday working life at Siemens Energy.