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Simple, fair and automated shift planning! Discover all the of shyftplan's functionalities.

We automate complex shift planning processes, increase employee satisfaction and help you get the best out of your team. Our intelligent automation ensures optimal staffing of shifts with qualified personnel, even in the event of unexpected absences. Real-time adjustments enable smooth processes and minimize bottlenecks. With our smart solutions, you can unleash the full potential of your company. Let us show you the benefits our software can bring to your processes.

Automated shift planning

Discover shyftplan's automatic shift planning!

  • AI-supported shift allocation
  • Integrated demand planning
  • GDPR-compliant employee communication
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shift shwaps in shyftplan

Absence management

Get rid of the biggest time wasters in personnel scheduling:

  • Staffing staff absences
  • Annual vacation planning
  • Shift swaps

Working time account

Balanced working hours guaranteed: Our system manages work accounts, overtime only occurs in emergencies.

  • Working time account integration
  • Time recording tools
  • Time recording via shyftplan
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15 Managing employee information efficiently

Employee data and integration

Optimize your personnel resource planning with shyftplan: Centralized data management and easy integration into systems such as SAP.

  • Centralized management of employee data
  • SAP integration
  • Take employee preferences into account
  • GDPR compliant

System integration

Use shyftconnect as a standard interface or our open RESTful API to connect your existing solutions to shyftplan.

  • Standard integration with all SAP systems and many more
  • Open RESTful API & shyftconnect
  • Extensive documentation and certification
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