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What if shift schedules could plan themselves?

Creating shift schedules eats up time and resources: in addition to time factors and regulations, the wishes of employees are also important.

What if you needed less time for shift planning?

Automation eliminates a lot of the tedious and time-consuming work that would normally be required to create a roster. This freed-up time can then be put to better use. But how exactly can digital shift planning save time?

Schedules can be created fully automatically

Intelligent software makes it possible to create shift plans fully automatically. Shifts can be assigned to employees using drag and drop. The software automatically calculates employees' planned hours and indicates possible conflicts of interest or work requests. This allows planners to create a complete shift schedule in no time at all.

Clear time recording without effort

Thanks to cloud-based access, all employees can access the shift plan once scheduling has been completed and view their accurate time recording online. If desired, it is also possible to simply clock in and out from a cell phone, tablet or PC. The recorded working times are then made available in a clear and precise format.

Simple connection via standard APIs

Digital solutions offer high integration potential through the connection of standard APIs and can enable automated and high-quality data transfer. This makes it possible to create precise forecasts for reporting and controlling. Manual evaluations of working times are no longer necessary - and costs can also be calculated more quickly in this way.

What if shift schedules led to greater satisfaction?

If everyone works when and where they are at their best, employee satisfaction increases - and so does efficiency. Modern shift planning software can make a significant contribution to a better working atmosphere in this way.

Absences can be managed in real time

With the help of a native app, paperwork and coordination are a thing of the past. If a shift is not staffed, the system indicates this - so the problem can be resolved in just a few steps. Conflicts of interest, data from time recording and absence management are communicated in real time and are therefore always immediately visible.

Employees can be integrated as required

The shift plan software can not only take employees' wishes into account, but also enables them to take on planning tasks themselves. This allows employees to create and manage shift plans themselves, either partially or completely. The assignment of rights function makes work easier, as the planning process is distributed across several shoulders.

By the way: Our internal shift planning experts recently gave a webinar on the topic of "Automated shift planning". Find out here how you can save time and costs while increasing the commitment of your employees.

Digitale Personaleinsatzplanung im Labor

Communication always remains data protection compliant

Digital shift plan software makes it possible to quickly distribute important information for the next shift A GDPR-compliant chat function in the app replaces time-consuming phone calls. This means of communication is not only secure, but can also be adapted to meet company-specific requirements.

What if you could avoid risks automatically?

Always being on the safe side not only reduces workload, but also stress. It also ensures that everything runs smoothly during operation.

No more fear of data loss

Paper can get lost and Excel documents can be deleted. With cloud-based solutions, however, data is kept safe: With shyftplan, all entered shifts and working times are stored on several German servers. Even in the event of a server crash, no data is lost. This ensures that shift plan data can be accessed at any time, regardless of location.

Manage all rights

Full transparency in shift planning is not a must - and is often not even intended. Therefore, individual authorizations can be set for each employee in modern shift plan software. This allows you to specify who can view which part of the shift plan.

Shift planning that is automatically 100% compliant and transparent

Digital shift planning shows which shifts are not yet occupied - simply and clearly in the software. Available employees can either be scheduled for the shift or apply for shifts independently. Transparent shift planning therefore offers greater planning reliability and more creative freedom, as requests and operational rules can be more easily integrated into shift planning.

Rely on shyftplan - the shift plan software for complex requirements

Simply let the software create your shift plans by itself - and benefit from many advantages. Book a personalized demo appointment with one of our shyftplan experts now.