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CVs of our managers

Jan-Martin Josten, Founder & CEO shyftplan GmbH

Jan-Martin Josten

Founder & CEO

About Jan-Martin Josten

Jan-Martin Josten is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of shyftplan. He started shyftplan as a business in 2013 and has been driving the business and its vision ever since.

Originally in 2012 Jan-Martin Josten worked on a company called pijajo UG which, for the first time, got him in touch with the area of digital workforce management. Ths company was later pivoted and turned into what shyftplan is today.

Prior to this he was working as a researcher at organizations such as Max Planck Institute and Charite.

His educational background is in Bioinformatics where he holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Freie Universität Berlin.

Dr. Farhood Torabian, Managing Director & COO shyftplan GmbH

Dr. Farhood Torabian

Managing Director & COO

About Dr. Farhood Torabian

Dr. Farhood Torabian is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Managing Director (MD) of shyftplan. Since joining shyftplan in 2020 he streamlines the company’s operations and is responsible for the general management.

Prior to shyftplan he worked as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at flightright GmbH in Berlin, Germany. Dr. Farhood Torabian also has more than 10 years of experience working for leading consultancy companies such as KPMG and BCG.

He holds a Phd in economics from Goethe University.