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shyftplan GmbH: Berlin-based shift planning software company achieves particularly strong growth in the industrial customer segment in 2023

shyftplan GmbH reports an extremely successful financial year 2023 thanks to exceeded sales targets and continues to anticipate strong growth.

Berlin, 05.03.2024

Exceeded sales targets

shyftplan GmbH reports an extremely successful financial year 2023 and continues to anticipate strong growth. The basis for this is the focus on the digitalization of workforce management based on digital shift planning for industrial customers, which was initiated a few years ago. The strong growth in 2023 is due to many new customers as well as the expansion of cooperations with existing DAX listed companies such as Siemens, industry giants such as ZF and Südzucker and leading SMEs such as Krones. For 2024, shyftplan GmbH expects to further expand its leading position as a provider of shift planning in the German industry. Jan-Martin Josten, founder and CEO of shyftplan GmbH, said: "We are thrilled with our progress in 2023 and what the team has achieved this year. Now we are looking forward to 2024 with many more innovations for our customers."

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Cloud-based shift planning solution from shyftplan established in the industry

In 2023, we have firmly established ourselves as a leading market player in the field of shift planning software in the industry. Thanks to our innovative and user-friendly software solution, we were able to acquire numerous well-known new customers and consolidate our market position. Particularly noteworthy is the adaptability of shyftplan to the specific requirements of industrial companies, which makes it possible to efficiently create and manage complex shift schedules. The integration of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence has helped to make workforce planning and coordination even more precise and efficient. New standard integrations via the new shyftconnect API also enable existing and new customers to integrate seamlessly with existing SAP systems, for example.

These continuous innovations and strong customer focus have contributed significantly to the company's leading position in the German market for shift planning software in 2023.

Milestones with new features - already 4.4 million automatic shift assignments

In 2023, shyftplan made significant progress in the further development of its software. For example, the AI-supported solution for automatic shift allocation was rolled out to customers in the second half of the year and exceeded our expectations for the use of the new function with 4.4 million automatically allocated shifts.
Outstanding ratings from users in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store also demonstrate the continuous development of the software based on user feedback and the focus on implementing new features in the most user-friendly way possible.
In addition, the possibilities of the open interface for connecting software solutions that are already in use at our customers have been expanded and the associated documentation has been made even more user-friendly. At the same time, a standard interface for the most common systems, such as SAP Successfactors or older SAP solutions, was created with shyftconnect. Thanks to shyftconnect, the first customers were able to integrate shyftplan into their existing system landscape within just a few weeks in 2023 in order to benefit even faster from the maximum advantage of digital shift planning.

Very positive outlook for 2024

In 2024, shyftplan GmbH expects to further expand its leading market position for shift planning software in the German industry. Customers can already look forward to new features for even more efficient shift planning, expanded training opportunities for employees and new events for shyftplan users to exchange ideas.