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The shift plan app

As an attractive and modern company, rely on modern solutions for your employees and thus ensure greater employee loyalty.

The shift plan app for iOS and Android - convenient and always at hand

The shift plan app from shyftplan can be installed on any Apple or Android device - whether smartphone or tablet. This gives employees and planners the option of using their duty roster in the shift plan app at any time, even when on the move. The app not only offers an overview at all times, but also provides immediate information about current changes, new duty rosters or the current status of shift applications via push notifications.

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Smart and user-friendly shift plan app instead of confusing tables

With our modern and user-friendly app, confusing tables and printed shift plans are a thing of the past. Employees have all the relevant information at their fingertips at all times and the user interface boasts a modern and intuitive design. See for yourself and take a look at the positive reviews in the App Store.

GDPR-compliant communication

Would you like to coordinate changes to the shift plan with your employees quickly and easily if necessary and communicate in a GDPR-compliant manner? With shyftplan's mobile app, you don't need to use any additional services such as WhatsApp or SMS. All communication relating to your shift plan runs entirely via the GDPR-compliant app.

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Advantages of a shift planning app

  • Easy and quick access to the duty roster from anywhere and at any time
  • Improved communication through automatic notifications and change notifications
  • Increased planning reliability by avoiding planning errors and over- or understaffing
  • Possibility to apply for vacation, time off in lieu and overtime quickly and easily
  • Improved employee satisfaction thanks to greater transparency and planning freedom
  • GDPR-compliant communication instead of sharing employee data via WhatsApp or similar

Apply for shifts directly via the shift plan app - Our customer Siemens Energy

Thanks to our shift plan app, Siemens Energy employees now have the opportunity to apply for shifts independently and organize their working hours more flexibly. This means more self-determination and a better work-life balance for employees, while the company benefits from higher employee satisfaction and productivity.

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Shift planning made even easier thanks to intuitive shift planning app

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible shift planning solution. If you would like to find out more about our shift planning app and how it can support your company, talk to one of our experts. We'll be happy to advise you and work together to find the right solution for your individual needs. Get in touch with us today!