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Automated workforce scheduling - advantages of PEP software

Digitalization and automation are no longer limited to production, logistics or sales. According to Bain & Company, optimized and automated workforce scheduling is one of the top issues for companies when it comes to digitalizing the working world of tomorrow.

Advantages of automated workforce scheduling

Automated workforce scheduling ensures more efficient duty planning. Lower personnel costs, demand-oriented staff deployment, greater flexibility for management and employees and the simple consideration of the wishes of all those involved are among the greatest advantages of the solution. However, when implementing PEP software, companies need to consider a number of factors, such as comprehensive data migration, data protection and detailed settings and customizations, to ensure that the system works smoothly. If this is taken into account, automated workforce scheduling is the basis for efficient and successful personnel controlling.

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What does employee scheduling software do?

Optimizing costs and making duty scheduling as simple as possible: With the right software, this is very easy to implement. Work processes are made as effective as possible through targeted personnel deployment and the right employees with the right qualifications are always deployed in the right place at the right time.

Software for workforce scheduling is usually offered by external providers in purchase or subscription models. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model in particular, as offered by shyftplan, has decisive advantages for users. Cloud software for workforce scheduling is always up to date with the latest technological developments, as any updates and maintenance work are carried out by the provider. Shifts, time recording, sick notes, vacation requests, etc. are also stored within a single system, avoiding incompatibilities and additional paperwork. Thanks to the mostly visually simple design of the software, handling is convenient and intuitive for employees and managers alike.

Long-term and reliable workforce scheduling is extremely important for both the management and the employees of a company. Nevertheless, unforeseen absences, such as illness, can lead to changes at short notice in any company. The PEP software can step in and provide direct support here. It finds the employees with the appropriate qualifications, vacancies and corresponding preferences and suggests these employees for the vacant shift. Statutory and collectively agreed working time regulations are also taken into account.

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The costs of automated workforce scheduling pay for themselves in a very short time

Automated workforce scheduling offers a wide range of benefits for both companies and employees. For company management, increased efficiency and flexibility are particularly important. Digitized, automated personnel planning accelerates planning processes, enables smooth and transparent workflows and at the same time reduces manual errors that occur with conventional duty scheduling. The costs saved in this way ensure that the investment in automated workforce scheduling pays for itself within a short period of time.

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Automated, simpler and faster personnel planning

shyftplan's automated planning technology enables you to create needs-based shift schedules that take into account your specifications such as qualifications, requirements, availability and rest periods - faster than ever before. Planning errors are avoided and the satisfaction of your employees increases measurably.


Increased employee satisfaction through automated workforce scheduling

A flexible work schedule that offers a high level of work-life integration makes employers more attractive and employees happier, more satisfied and more productive. Preferred duty rosters or the ability to swap shifts and duties independently and incorporate special preferences into planning increases employee satisfaction and motivation in the long term.

All of this is possible with the help of automatic workforce scheduling. This makes it much easier to meet the wishes of the workforce, as clearer duty scheduling ensures that all important parameters can be kept in view at the same time. Not to mention the fact that employees can apply for shifts in advance when the shift planning is published or, if permitted, sign up directly. Both play a decisive role when it comes to allocating employees according to their qualifications, their wishes and the staffing requirements.


Employee schedulers save time and can rely on stress-resistant shift plans

One challenge in workforce scheduling is the heterogeneous systems in the company. Even today, planners still often have to pull time balances, vacation data, individual employee requirements or special working time models from various data sources and transfer them to the plan. Staff scheduling software provides all this data in real time. Automation and opportunities for employee participation ensure more sustainable duty planning and higher planning quality. As a result, there are fewer manual errors and fewer subsequent adjustments to scheduling.

Incidentally, in an automated PDP, employee requests are not only taken into account in the planning process, but also when employees who have already been scheduled are absent. The result is not only sustainable, but also stress-resistant duty scheduling, which makes the day-to-day work of staff schedulers much easier.


Automatic workforce scheduling increases productivity and customer satisfaction

Ideal workforce scheduling and compensating for shift absences is so important because it helps to avoid machine downtime and production losses caused by understaffing. This is because idle machines cost money and lead to production bottlenecks. Demand-optimized shift planning using PEP software supports comprehensive and ideally planned customer support, increases productivity and, not least, turnover.


GDPR and compliance requirements in workforce scheduling are securely mapped

Automated workforce scheduling manages a large amount of personal data, so it must be ensured that this data is absolutely secure and protected against unauthorized access. Certificates and GDPR compliance are useful signposts here that can help you decide for or against software.

However, other laws, collective agreements, company agreements and individual working time regulations also have a major influence on workforce scheduling and must be taken into account accordingly. This makes planning increasingly complex and increases the risk of legal consequences. With software such as shyftplan, all regulations are automatically monitored and warnings are sent in the event of violations - even during the planning process.

Successful implementation of automated workforce scheduling

A number of factors are linked to the successful and profitable use of automated workforce scheduling. First of all, all relevant data must be migrated to the respective system so that work and shift schedules can be planned and recorded precisely. It is not only important to digitize the data, but also to maintain and update this data on an ongoing basis. Automatic workforce scheduling is only as good as its data. If this is the case, the software can reliably access all information and create reliable duty rosters.

At the same time, the system must have sufficient flexibility to provide the necessary replacements even in the event of changes at short notice. It is therefore important to use the many customization options of a cloud solution in such a way that it corresponds exactly to what the company needs. Whether employees can register themselves, apply, be selected according to qualifications or simply according to working time regulations - these are all factors that need to be defined first. It is therefore important to think about which requirements the workforce scheduling software should fulfill when introducing it. If this is taken into account, automated workforce scheduling can be used profitably in the company from day one.

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