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Workforce scheduling in logistics

Staff scheduling is a challenge in many respects. In logistics in particular, careful and successful organization is crucial and forms the basis for creating a high level of performance motivation and quality.

Logistics services are particularly labor-intensive and dependent on seasonal and order-related fluctuations - especially in today's Logistics 4.0 era. Increasingly complex delivery specifications must be adhered to, and services are increasingly characterized by individualization. Staff must be able to react to rapidly changing conditions. Employees with the right qualifications should ideally be ready for action immediately, even if they are needed at short notice. It should be possible to plan personnel both in the long and short term.

Factors to consider when planning shifts

There are many factors that are decisive for successful shift planning in the logistics sector. Firstly, it is important to schedule workers with different qualifications in the right place at the right time. Different services are required at different times. Accordingly, workers with the right qualifications should be ready to work as soon as they are needed, even at short notice.

On the other hand, a high level of responsiveness is important. It should be planned in advance, depending on the number of orders, as well as recognizing and quickly adapting to short-term changes in demand fluctuations. In addition, successful shift rotation must be considered to promote the health and ergonomics of employees. This also includes ensuring that employees have the freedom to determine their own schedules. All these factors should be taken into account.

The simplest solution for optimal shift planning

Fully considering all these components for shift planning is time-consuming, incredibly complex and errors often creep in. The solution? A suitable software solution that recognizes, takes into account and optimally plans all the important aspects. This not only saves errors, but also time and money.

shyftplan offers a cloud-based software solution for personnel planning and employee communication. This automates manual processes by digitizing structured communication - from shift planning to absence management. We also promote employee empowerment by involving them in many processes right from the start. The core functions of our software include duty scheduling, time recording, absence planning and time and money management.