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shyftplan introduces AI-powered shift planning and a new look

Berlin, 11.10.2022

shyftplan, the leading shift planning platform for large industry enterprises and fast scaling companies, announced today the launch of a new and improved shift planning software that enables companies to plan their shifts in no time thanks to new AI tools and a further enhanced user experience. All new features and updates of the cloud based solution allow companies to schedule even the most complex shift plans with ease and to save up to 70% of their previously required scheduling time.

Shyftplan New UI

HR teams, schedulers and others involved in the process of creating large shift plans face unprecedented pressure as shift plans increase in complexity and employees expect better and faster communication from their employer. Traditional planning in Excel often requires a tremendous amount of time, is error prone, and oftentimes not GDPR-compliant. Investing into an AI-based shift planning solution today means significant time savings for teams, better compliance with laws and regulations as well as higher employee retention rates.

That is why shyftplan first introduced its software in 2014. With the scheduling tools planners are able to create shift plans that are easily adaptable to changes, that consider employees’ wishes and requirements and are always compliant with the latest laws and regulations. As shift plans are quickly communicated and fewer shifts are left empty employees and employers benefit at the same time. And now, with the latest updates, these plans do not only work faster but also smarter. They support planners by quickly suggesting the right staff to fill in an unexpectedly vacant slot and automatically calculate entire shift plans - considering all regulations.

“With our quickly growing base of large customers, we realized that their shift plans are getting increasingly complex,“ said Jan-Martin Josten, CEO and founder of shyftplan. “That’s why we decided to help the teams even more by making our solution not only easier to use, but also smarter to actively support the planning process.“

shyftplan provides companies with tools that are both easy to use and easy to love so they can spend less time planning and more time creating value. Most recently, the company also received a research grant from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to further expand their AI. Key features of shyftplan include:

- Scalable shift plans, which empower users to plan shifts for both small teams or thousands of employees.

- Artificial intelligence, to actively support the planning process and to automatically calculate the ideal shift plan while considering all given regulations and constraints.

- Web-based solution to provide scheduling teams with access to shyftplan from wherever they are on any device to keep up-to-date.

- Mobile staff app to make sure that employees are always aware of any changes, feel more involved in the planning process and can easily communicate with their team.

More information on these features as well as the company can be found on https://shyftplan.com

About shyftplan

Since its founding in 2013, shyftplan has been helping companies digitize shift schedules and make scheduling work processes more efficient. This solution is already successfully used by over 500 customers worldwide. Most recently, the software has been enhanced with AI-based modules that further automate processes and enable planners of especially large and complex shift schedules to work even more efficiently. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and currently employs a team of 65+ experts.