Plan everything accordingly

Learn how a digital shift schedule not only simplifies your shift planning but also ensures that your operations are disruption-free.

Avoid understaffing

If your employees are absent on short notice (for example, due to illness), this can disrupt your entire operation. With our dynamic shift planning, you can quickly find replacements so that work can resume without a hitch.

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Avoid loss of competency

Is there only one person in your company who knows every employee, their shifts, vacation times, and skills? While that's impressive, it's also risky. If this person happens to be out of the office or leaves the company entirely, you're at a loss with your shift planning. With us, this doesn't happen. Competencies are spread evenly throughout.

Avoid staffing issues

In manual shift planning, errors can still occur despite the best-laid plans. With our smart software, we recognize which shifts are overstaffed or understaffed. This means you've got the right number of employees working per shift, as it should be.

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