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Checklist: Duty planning in the corona crisis

Our checklist shows you at a glance what constitutes crisis-proof workforce scheduling and how shyftplan can help you.

The coronavirus is dominating the news and determining our private and professional lives. Companies are faced with the challenge of continuing to plan their staff as efficiently as possible despite short-time working and extended staff absences.

Our checklist shows you at a glance what constitutes crisis-proof workforce scheduling and how shyftplan can help you.

In principle:

✔️ Clearly define responsibilities for duty scheduling

  • Define contact persons and representatives

  • Document general personnel planning rules

  • What happens if you are unavailable as a partner?

✔️ Maintain a comprehensive overview of the staff situation

  • Who is available when?

  • Is there an increased need for personnel?

  • Are there already vacation requests, sick notes or individual change requests?

✔️ Compliance with statutory and contractual working hours and break times

What you should pay particular attention to now

✔️ Communicate the duty roster to all employees

  • Ensure that all employees are informed in good time and are always kept up to date, e.g. in the event of changes at short notice

  • Officially advertise additional shifts & set incentives to take them on, e.g. special payments

✔️ Implement necessary hygiene measures

  • Make plans available regardless of location, e.g. digitally

  • Hold situation meetings by telephone or via the internet

  • Do without physical time clocks

  • Enable digital clocking in

  • Submit certificates of incapacity for work digitally where possible

✔️ Clearly define crisis-related communication & substitution rules

  • E.g. for short-term sick notes

  • Communicate changes to availability in good time, e.g. due to childcare bottlenecks

  • Ensure reliable replacement processes

✔️ Adapt absence management to the crisis situation

  • Take measures after reporting sick due to suspected coronavirus: Identify joint working groups to trace possible chains of infection

  • Introduce additional prevention measures if necessary: e.g. ensure that entire shift groups are separated in terms of space or time as far as possible

✔️ Ensure uncomplicated recruitment processes

  • Create processes to integrate additional workers at short notice

  • Clearly define employment relationships

  • Advantages of shyftplan at a glance

✔️ Maintain a comprehensive overview of the personnel situation

  • Visible at a glance: Who is available, who is sick?

  • Which shifts still need to be filled?

✔️ Automatic check of legal requirements

  • Compliance with statutory rest periods & regulations

  • Compliance with maximum working hours

✔️ No more phone calls afterwards

  • Duty roster and last-minute changes can be communicated via the shyftplan app -> location-independent communication

  • Changes are visible to everyone involved at all times

  • Employer and employees are always up to date

  • Push notification, e.g. "new extra shift" available to all employees at the same time

  • Simple communication between employees and supervisors via the internal chat function

  • Submitting the certificate of incapacity for work digitally via the shyftplan app

✔️ Strengthening employee satisfaction

  • More co-determination, e.g. through independent shift applications and shift swaps

  • Entry of individual availabilities

✔️ Minute-by-minute recording of working hours in the digital time account

  • Online working time recording possible thanks to digital time clock

  • Easily retrieve and export clear evaluations of hours worked and salaries to be paid

✔️ Possibility of partial to full automation of your personnel planning

  • The shyftplan algorithm plans fully automatically based on rules you have previously defined

  • Compensating for sick leave, avoiding personal contact between employees and ensuring that operations are maintained at the same time - these are just a few of the current challenges.

  • Our team of experts will advise you on how to overcome the crisis, tailored to your situation. In a free consultation, you will learn

✔️ How to ensure minimum staffing levels - even with high sickness rates

✔️ How to optimize your shift planning to avoid contact

✔️ How you can flexibly schedule part-time staff and external personnel