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SAP shift planning - Efficient workforce management with shyftplan and SAP

Seamless integration of digital workforce management into your existing SAP systems. Our interfaces to SAP enable simple integration and clean data exchange.

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With shyftplan, one of the few SAP.io members worldwide, shift planning in your company can be digitized and automated. Our software uses actual data from digital time recording, attendances and absences to create demand- and employee-oriented shift plans. The software automatically takes into account statutory and collectively agreed requirements, the individual working time preferences of the workforce and vacation balances. Thanks to our SAP-certified program interface, integration and clean data exchange are guaranteed. Find out more about the benefits of system integration here.

shyftplan - The only solution for shift planning in the SAP Industry Cloud

About SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based software solution from SAP that specializes in human resources (HR) management. It offers a comprehensive suite of applications to support HR processes such as talent management, personnel development, payroll, personnel administration and recruiting.

Integration SAP SuccessFactors x shyftplan

Integration with SAP SuccessFactors: Connect SAP quickly and easily via SAP BusinessTechnology Platform (BTP) and SAP-approved shyftconnect. Maintain control of all core HR processes in a single platform. Benefit from a holistic solution.


SAP APO stands for Advanced Planner and Optimizer. SAP APO supports companies in planning and managing the supply chain. SAP APO consists of four main modules: DP (Demand Planning), SNP (Supply Network Planning), PPDS (Production Planning and Detail Scheduling), GATP (Global Available to Promise).

Integration SAP APO x shyftplan

A program interface to shyftplan enables convenient and bidirectional data transfer. By mapping work areas and machines, for example, requirements from SAP can be transferred to shyftplan in the form of hours. At the same time, the machine utilization from shyftplan is also transferred back to SAP.


SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) is an integrated personnel management system that can be used to map the hierarchical structures of a company and the relationships contained therein, as well as to manage and develop employees. The SAP HCM module thus supports the HR department in both operational and strategic tasks.

Integration SAP HCM x shyftplan

By linking shyftplan and SAP HCM, employee master data and absence quotas (e.g. for vacations) can be synchronized. This ensures data transparency between planning and HR and significantly reduces manual effort. For example, the interface links workforce scheduling with time management in SAP HCM. At the touch of a button, duty rosters can be created that take into account statutory and collectively agreed requirements, vacation times and the individual working time preferences of the workforce.

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Advantages of integration with SAP

  • Guarantee your delivery reliability - through maximum utilization of production capacity

  • Avoid production downtimes - recognize potential personnel bottlenecks at an early stage

  • Stay flexible - by integrating both systems, you can react to seasonal and fluctuating requirements at an early stage

  • Optimize your internal communication between planning, HR and employees

  • Avoid manual effort and duplicate data maintenance

  • Make better decisions thanks to significantly improved data quality

SAP x shift planning with shyftplan - functionalities at a glance


  • Mapping of work areas and machines

  • Transfer of requirements and capacity utilization per area and machine


  • Mapping of employee master data

  • Transfer of data changes

  • Calculation and modification of quotas (e.g. vacation, etc.)

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What does the integration between SAP and shyftplan look like?

1. Setting up the interface

The integration between SAP and shyftplan takes place using the so-called shyftplan connect, which acts as a middle layer and provides a standardized interface to SAP. This interface enables simple integration with SAP BTP (via the CPI: Cloud Platform Integration) and allows different SAP Cloud and OnPrem systems to be linked together.

shyftplan provides support in setting up the interface. For further, individual integrations, our shyftplan experts provide support with the connection.

2. Transmission of the data

Data is transferred via a modern API standard with encryption. Regular transfer of HR master data from SAP to shyftplan is possible. Real-time transfers of production data, absences and time management data, as well as for reporting systems between SAP and shyftplan, can also be realized.

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