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shyftplan time recording: reliable and accurate

The uncomplicated time recording tool for your company. Can be used on any device. Simple recording and monitoring of working hours, overtime, vacation and sick days.

Your time recording software: always stay up to date

Flexible working time models, highly competitive markets, ECJ rulings and stricter working time laws: the demands on a modern time recording system are high. With shyftplan, an employee's working hours are recorded digitally, to the minute and guaranteed to comply with the law. Your company can thus keep track of the hours worked and absences of your staff at all times and use this information for daily planning.

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Hours account per employee

You can quickly view overtime and undertime in our automatically managed hours accounts. This data is available to you in the system at any time during shift planning so that you can create an optimized shift plan and do not miss out on any labour law or internal company regulations regarding staff working hours.

Export of time accounts

The shyftplan working time recording tool collects and clearly displays a structured list of the data relevant to working hours, which can then be used for billing and evaluations, for example. The time accounts are available for you to download at any time as Excel or CSV files.

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Transparency for employees

Viewing time accounts provides employees with transparency and, in conjunction with other shyftplan features, enables individual self-organization. As a result, your working time recording not only makes your work easier on an organizational level, but also increases employee satisfaction.

Smartphone & tablet as a mobile time clock

In addition to recording daily working hours via a terminal, you can also easily record staff working hours on the move with shyftplan's digital time clock. You don't need expensive devices or a separate computer for this. For example, simply have your staff clock in and out on a tablet in the entrance area, on their own smartphone or on the computer at their workplace.

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Compliant time recording for German minimum wage law

The time recording of each employee can also be exported in accordance with MiLoG § 17 and used as proof of working hours in accordance with the Minimum Wage Act. The start, end and breaks of the shift are documented by the digital time clock in accordance with working time legislation.

Our time recording software is ready for ECJ-compliant time recording

Following the ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the correct recording of working hours will in future be mandatory for employers within the EU. With shyftplan, you are on the safe side: our software for working time recording automatically recognizes and warns of non-compliance with rest periods, break times and contractual working hours of your employees as well as collisions with applicable labour law.

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Our partner for time recording: EasySecure

EasySecure is a strong partner for time recording and access control thanks to innovative terminals for indoor and outdoor use. The terminals can be used with transponders, RFID cards, fingerprints or facial recognition and can be extended as required with locking systems for doors or compartments. Recorded working and break times are transferred directly and automatically to shyftplan.

Everything at a glance with the live overview

Who is currently clocked in where and when? Who is late and who is already working overtime? You and your company always have an overview thanks to the live overview of our working time recording software. In the app or in the browser.

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