Work Time Tracking

Our online punch clock enables you to keep track of your employees' working hours by the minute. The digital time recording tool shows you the exact times of clocking in and out of each employee.

Screenshot “Punching In and Out”

Punching In and Out

Employees can register their working hours using a personal four digit code. shyftplan documents the start and ending of each shift by the minute.

Creating Shifts Via the Online Punch Clock

You can allow your employees to create additional shifts, just by punching in. This can be a useful tool for logging extra working hours outside of the previously scheduled shifts.

Target Hours

Planning is key. But as brilliant as your plan might be, it'll have its limits. Get a reality check with our target and actual comparison tool.

Screenshot “Exportable According to MiLog § 17”

Exportable According to MiLog § 17

Timekeeping for each individual employee can be exported and used as time sheet as required per minimum wage law. The punch clock tool documents clocking in and clocking out times, as well as breaks meticulously.

Live Status

Keep track of all your employees with shyftplan. Who's been working where for how long? Using our live status, you'll have a clear overview.

Screenshot “Who’s Been Working Since When”

Who’s Been Working Since When

The live status shows you the exactly at what time each employee has clocked in. This gives you the optimal insight into daily business.

Mobile Punch Clock

The shyftplan punch clock is an ideal addition to our workforce management software. It can be used independently from any stationary computers on mobile devices.

Screenshot “Our Compact Digital Punch Clock”

Our Compact Digital Punch Clock

Our punch clock doesn't need big bulky devices or its own computer. Your employees can clock in e.g. at a tablet provided at their work place.

No Compatibility Troubles

If your iOs or Android devices are running other software for your business, you can connect them to our punch clock. Incorporate shyftplan into e.g. cash systems.

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