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How to use shyftplan together with your locally installed SAP solution

shyftplan enables seamless integration of digital workforce management into your existing on-premise SAP systems. Our interfaces to SAP enable simple standard integration with your own software via shyftconnect.

Local installation (on-premise) vs. cloud solution

On-premise software and cloud software are two different deployment models for software applications, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Local software:

  • Local installation: on-premise software is installed and managed on the local servers and data centers of the respective company.

  • Control and customization: Companies have full control over the software and hardware used, including customizations and configurations according to their specific requirements.

  • Initial investment: Implementation often requires higher initial investments for licenses, hardware and possibly specialized IT staff.

  • Maintenance and updates: Maintenance, updates and troubleshooting are usually the responsibility of the company. This can lead to periodic downtime for maintenance work, etc.

Cloud software:

  • Cloud installation: Cloud software takes advantage of large data centers and is provided via the Internet. This allows users to access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Scalability and flexibility: The cloud offers a flexible and scalable solution. Resources can be easily adapted as required and do not require any direct hardware investment on the part of the user.

  • Initial investment: Cloud solutions often work on a subscription or pay-as-you-go model, giving companies the ability to control costs and only pay for the resources they actually use. This avoids a large initial investment in hardware etc.

  • Maintenance and updates:Cloud software providers usually take care of maintenance, updates and security patches. This enables users to access the latest functions without additional effort and usually ensures availability more than 98% of the time.

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Can I use shyftplan with my local installation of SAP?

shyftplan can be easily connected to your local installation of SAP. This opens up the possibility of a smooth data exchange between shyftplan and your SAP application. In practice, this means that shyftplan can not only receive data from SAP, but can also seamlessly send data back to your SAP solution. The connection between the two systems thus enables you to work more efficiently and create your shift plans smoothly.

Which on-premise SAP solutions can I use together with shyftplan?


The program interface between SAP APO and shyftplan enables convenient, bidirectional data exchange. This also applies to APO components such as PP/DS. Work areas and machines are synchronized so that requirements from SAP can be transferred to shyftplan as hours. At the same time, machine utilization is transferred back from shyftplan to SAP.


The integration of shyftplan and SAP HCM enables the synchronization of employee master data and absence quotas (e.g. for vacations). This connection ensures data transparency between planning and HR, significantly reduces manual effort and enables the seamless connection of workforce scheduling with time management in SAP HCM. At the touch of a button, duty rosters can be created that take into account statutory and collectively agreed requirements, vacation times and individual working time requests from the workforce.


shyftplan can work with the various SAP database systems such as the on-premise version of S/4HANA, the predecessor SAP ECC or the older R/3 system. This ensures smooth automatic data exchange between your ERP system and shyftplan.

How does the link between the systems work?

The connection between SAP and shyftplan is made possible by the clever combination of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and the SAP-certified interface shyftconnect. SAP BTP assumes the role of an integration platform (iPaaS) that enables seamless data exchange between your locally installed SAP solution (such as SAP HCM) and the secure, cloud-based shyftplan software.

This tried-and-tested standard interface between SAP and shyftplan has proven to be extremely efficient in the industry. For you, this means a fast and uncomplicated connection of the systems. With shyftplan, you are ready to go after just a few weeks, not months.

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Can I switch to the cloud version of SAP at a later date and continue to work with shyftplan?

Yes, if you later decide to switch your SAP solution to a cloud-based version, you will still be able to communicate between SAP and shyftplan thanks to the shyftconnect interface. This makes bidirectional synchronization of your data effortless. Flexibility is our top priority - even if your IT landscape evolves, with shyftplan you remain optimally networked and ready for use.

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