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What is a vacation plan?

A vacation plan is used to record and organize the absences of a company's employees. This includes vacation days, but also absences due to illness and other reasons. It provides a systematic overview of the planned vacation days of individual employees that become relevant over the course of the year. Other absences occurring throughout the year are also recorded here. The vacation plan can be used to keep track of which employees are absent at all times and for whom a replacement needs to be scheduled.

A carefully organized vacation plan is crucial for a smooth working day. After all, employees' absences need to be planned in detail and coordinated with each other, and overlaps are best avoided. This way, employers and employees have an overview of absences at all times and, in the best case, they are also clearly organized.

How do I create a vacation plan?

There are a number of aspects that a successful vacation plan should definitely cover. Of course, this mainly concerns organizational issues - absent employees must be replaced by employees who are present - but legal regulations and data protection issues must also be taken into account.

What legal framework conditions must be observed?

The number of vacation days is usually regulated in the employment contract. If this is not the case, the Federal Leave Act (BUrlG) applies to employees. This regulates a statutory minimum entitlement to vacation. The minimum entitlement for an employee with a 5-day week is at least 20 days off. For a 6-day week, it is at least 24 recovery days. This limit may not be undercut.

§Section 7 BUrlG stipulates that the employee's vacation request should be followed when planning vacation. However, the employer can also deny the employee vacation for certain reasons, for example if an operational requirement, such as a major order from an important customer or Christmas business, conflicts with the vacation request or if the vacation requests of other employees deserve priority from a social point of view, such as school vacations for employees with children, compared to childless employees.

According to the Federal Labor Court, leave that has already been granted may only be canceled or postponed if there are urgent operational requirements. In such cases, however, the employer must cover all costs incurred by the employee as a result.

What do I need to consider with regard to data protection when planning vacation?

Like the duty roster, the vacation plan is also a document that contains personal data. This data includes the employee's real name, address and date of birth, as well as vacation and sick days. This data may not simply be published within a company. If someone has bad intentions, this information could be used against the employees concerned. Even if everyone means well, it is up to each employee to decide whether they want to share their personal data with all their colleagues.