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Personnel planning with Excel - a solution?

Personnel planning = Excel. This simple equation was true for a long time, as Excel simplified the planning process compared to manual creation and organization. In many places, Excel is still used for personnel planning. In this blog post, we will show you the benefits of completely switching your duty scheduling to online tools such as shyftplan.

There were times when there was no way around Excel personnel planning, after all, creating rosters by hand involves considerable effort. Excel is versatile in its possibilities, but at the same time bulky and difficult to use. It is easy to lose track in the spreadsheets and the correction of an error or a careless command can destroy hours of work. Calculating the working time from the various tables without errors is an art form in itself. And the concentration and attention required for this can certainly be used more profitably elsewhere.

Optimize your shift scheduling

While Excel is ultimately a record of shift scheduling and the planner has to have all the rules and standards in their head (or even consult other tables and documents), shyftplan offers an efficient all-in-one solution with stored rules and standards that the system uses to support the planner and guide them through the planning process: from personnel planning to the detailed recording of working hours and vacation planning. So while you have to search for and compare different columns in Excel, the shyftplan duty roster presents everything clearly. You can create a new duty roster with just a few clicks. No more adding up working times, but an automated and supportive system that simplifies the organization of shifts. Any planning errors are also quickly revealed, whereas they have to be laboriously identified in Excel. Planning rules, special features and standards are stored in shyftplan and taken into account in any subsequent planning.

Saving time thanks to online tools

When comparing the usability of the two tools, Excel versus shyftplan, it quickly becomes clear: while Excel is relatively confusing and you have to search for relevant data for a long time, shyftplan offers an intuitive user interface and thus noticeably reduces the workload. In shyftplan, you have everything at a glance - the employees, the individual shifts, the added hours, unoccupied shifts and overlaps. Of course, the whole thing works across all devices: whether PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone! Instead of several programs, you only need one solution for everything.

Participation makes people happy

Employees can also be involved in shift and shift planning - right from the start, so that time-consuming phone calls at short notice are finally a thing of the past. Individual employee requests, for example regarding availability, can simply be stored in the app and are quickly and easily incorporated into the planning later on. Is your employee unavailable every Monday afternoon because they have a private commitment? No problem, once stored in the system and filtered accordingly, as a planner you will only see available employees when a particular shift is occupied. Other popular functions of shyftplan are the request for shift swaps between colleagues with the same qualifications and the option to independently apply for open shifts. The process always remains clear and transparent for everyone involved.

Automated duty scheduling

Long-term planning is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it benefits everyone involved, as it allows work processes and leisure activities to be better coordinated. On the other hand, it involves time risks, as every change has to be laboriously incorporated into the plan. Creating a monthly schedule with Excel can be a Sisyphean task. It takes a lot of time and a very focused way of working not to lose track of things. With shyftplan, planning is significantly simplified. If a short-term absence does lead to changes in the duty roster, these can be communicated quickly and easily to all relevant employees via push notification. Media disruptions caused by printing out and manually sending the schedule, time-consuming telephone consultations and mountains of paper applications are now a thing of the past. This saves everyone involved time and nerves.

If you don't want to spend any more time "exceling", book a non-binding demo appointment with one of our shyftplan experts here.

SAP-compatible shift planning software

Are you using SAP and looking for a shift planning solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system? This is possible with shyftplan! Thanks to our interfaces to SAP, you can smoothly integrate our system into your processes and exchange data easily and securely. Discover the benefits of optimized shift planning and employee management through the combination of SAP and shyftplan.

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