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Strict rules, complex regulations. Scheduling shifts within the healthcare world has a unique set of challenges. Find out how Gedikom solved them using our smart software.

The siutation

Since 2006, Gedikom has been working as a subsidiary of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Bavaria exclusively for and with players in the health care sector. The range of services includes call centre services, communication and consulting. Manual and cross-site duty scheduling became enormously difficult.

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"A particular challenge in staff scheduling for on-call practices is that it is mandatory for each shift to be staffed by at least one medical assistant. Furthermore, replacements must be found quickly in the event of short-term absences."

Susanne Schinke, Gedikom Human Resources, Sole Procuration

The challenges

The Excel shift scheduling at Gedikom was error-prone and time-consuming. The growth of the practices from 27 to 83 exacerbated the problems. There was a lack of simultaneous access to files and the manual consideration of role and rights systems made planning difficult. Staffing each shift with at least one health worker was challenging, especially with last-minute changes.

The solution

shyftplan offers Gedikom a professional software solution for shift scheduling with intelligent automation. Simple operation, a quick overview and a pool of stand-ins for weekends optimise planning across locations. Costs are saved and labour law violations minimised.

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Discover the Gedikom use case in detail

Read more about cross-site shift scheduling at Gedikom with shyftplan in our free whitepaper.

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