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Strict rules, complex regulations. Scheduling shifts within the healthcare world has a unique set of challenges. Find out how Gedikom solved them using our smart software.

The challenge

Since 2006, Gedikom has been working as a subsidiary of the Bavarian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Bayerns) exclusively for and with stakeholders in the healthcare sector. Its range of services includes call center services, communication, and consulting. The following challenges arose in regards to cross-location scheduling:

"A particular challenge in staff scheduling for on-call practices is that it is mandatory for each shift to be staffed by at least one medical assistant. Furthermore, replacements must be found quickly in the event of short-term absences." - Susanne Schinke, Gedikom Human Resources, Sole Procuration

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The problem

Gedikom headquarters, on more than one occasion, would receive Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files that were no longer functional due to manual errors. Furthermore, the number of physical practices increased from 27 to 83, a spike in growth that presented challenges for Gedikom's staff partners.

The solution

shyftplan equipped Gedikom with a professional software solution for their staff scheduling. Thanks to intelligent automation, every shift is always staffed, and replacements are found at short notice in the case of absences. In addition to the software's ease of use, the planners particularly appreciate the quick overall view they get with shyftplan. Filter options offered by shyftplan allow those responsible for staffing to quickly obtain all the information they need. Employees of individual practices can also be selected and combined into groups, whereas absences can also be displayed. If an employee calls from outside the practice, they can immediately get an idea of the current situation via the software system – a massive advantage for everyone.

The result

Thanks to shyftplan, Gedikom no longer has to worry about shifts not being filled or about finding replacements. For example, a pool of stand-ins was created especially for the weekends, from which employees can then be contacted directly via app, if necessary. In addition, shyftplan makes it possible to keep an eye on the earnings limit for mini-jobbers: The software indicates when employees can no longer be scheduled due to this limit. Gedikom thus not only saves costs through smart shift planning, but also minimizes the risk of violations of labor law.

With these improvements, shyftplan was able to ensure cross-location shift planning that:

To learn how shyftplan helped Geidkom excel at planning, read through our whitepaper.

Explore our free whitepaper (in German only)

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