STADTSALAT - Delivery Service

Learn how we helped a delivery service company with more than 250 employees across three locations deal with daily order fluctuations and short-term cancellations.

The challenge

Since 2015, STADTSALAT has delivered premium-quality salads throughout Germany. The company employs a total of 250 people in Hamburg, Berlin, and Frankfurt am Main. Their special feature: STADTSALAT handles last-mile delivery itself with its drivers. This imposes particular challenges in terms of staff scheduling:

  • The mapping of volatile fluctuations within the personnel deployment plan

  • Too many shifts with different start times and durations

  • Inefficient shift planning due to manual administration in Microsoft Excel

"shyftplan gives us economic impact. For example, if you assign the longer shifts to the best drivers, you’ll achieve a higher level of efficiency at the end of the day (...)."

Marcus Berg, STADTSALAT Managing Director

The problem

Staff scheduling through Microsoft Excel quickly reached its limits, especially in terms of short-term changes. This cost employees too much time and frustration. In addition, there were dynamic fluctuations not only within a day but also within a given week . This resulted in a substantial number of shifts with different start times and durations, making planning even more confusing and complex.

The solution

An automated shift planning system should ultimately be fast, efficient, and reliable . As a result, in 2016, we developed a solution for STADTSALAT, which the company now uses to develop the various schedules of approximately 200 drivers.

Functions set forth by shyftplan such as "independent shift application" and "request for shift takeover" were frequently used by STADTSALAT’s employees. The automatic software processing facilitated the work of the shift planners of STADTSALAT to a higher degree.

Since the beginning of 2020, shyftplan's algorithm now automatically generates shift schedules, according to STADTSALAT's rules and requirements. The full-time kitchen staffers were the first to be scheduled in the process, followed by the part-time drivers. In the future, the algorithm will also take into account the different experience levels of the respective drivers.

Case Study Stadtsalat x shyftplan

The result

By minimizing the effort required to schedule shifts, STADTSALAT employees were able to refocus their core business strategy of delivering fresh salads to their customers as quickly as possible. Efficiency thereby increased and the cost of preparing invoices subsequently reduced. STADTSALAT can now invest these freed-up resources into other projects and propel the company forward.

shyftplan contributed to the economic success of STADTSALAT with the following solutions:

Simplified shift plan creation

Active employee involvement by using the shyftplan functions for independent shift application and request for shift takeover

Data protection compliance and easy communication via the shyftplan chat

To learn how shyftplan helped STADTSALAT persevere during the pandemic, read through our whitepaper.

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Stadtsalat x shyftplan

To learn how shyftplan helped STADTSALAT persevere during the pandemic, read through our whitepaper.