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STADTSALAT - Delivery Service

Learn how we helped a delivery service company with more than 250 employees across three locations deal with daily order fluctuations and short-term cancellations.

Discover all the important facts about STADTSALAT x shyftplan

The situation

STADTSALAT has been offering premium quality food delivery since 2015. The company employs a total of 250 people in Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. The special feature: Stadtsalat takes care of the planning of last-mile delivery itself, manually, with its own drivers. Staff planning is done with Excel and quickly reaches its limits.

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Stadtsalat Theke

The challenges

Short-term changes cost the staff too much time and nerves. In addition, there were dynamic fluctuations within a day as well as a week and thus extremely many shifts with different start times and durations, making planning even more confusing and complex. This leads to extremely inefficient scheduling.

The solution

In 2016, we developed a solution together with STADTSALAT, which the company now uses to automate the shift schedules of currently about 200 drivers. Especially the shyftplan functions "independent shift application" and "request for shift transfer" were frequently used by the employees. The automatic processing by the software has thus made the work of the shift planners at STADTSALAT extremely easier.

Since the beginning of 2020, the algorithm of shyftplan generates the shift schedule automatically - entirely according to the needs and rules of STADTSALAT. By minimising the effort required for shift scheduling, employees were able to concentrate on their core business again: bringing fresh salads to their customers as quickly as possible. Efficiency was increased and the costs for preparing the accounts were reduced. STADTSALAT can now invest these freed-up resources in other projects and thus move the company forward.

"shyftplan gives us economic impact. For example, if you assign the longer shifts to the best drivers, you’ll achieve a higher level of efficiency at the end of the day (...)."

Marcus Berg, STADTSALAT Managing Director
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Discover the STADTSALAT use case in detail

To learn how shyftplan helped STADTSALAT persevere during the pandemic, read through our whitepaper.

Stadtsalat whitepaper