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Advantages of digital shift planning

Excel has had its day: The 5 most important advantages of digital shift planning

Creating a shift plan is a difficult process. In addition to time factors, legal regulations, internal company agreements and employees' wishes must also be taken into account. In our latest blog post, we have therefore summarized the 5 most important advantages of digital shift planning and show you why Excel has finally had its day.

The advantages of shift plan software are obvious

✔️ Online staff planning saves time

Just a few clicks are all it takes to create shifts and assign employees using drag & drop. Shift planning tools and apps calculate your employees' planned hours for you and show you possible conflicts of interest or work requests. This allows you to create a duty roster that meets all your requirements in no time at all. Time recording can also be done completely online. Whether on a computer, tablet or as an app on a smartphone. With modern shift plan software, your employees can also simply clock in and out online. The recorded working times and other desired information are then made available to you in a clearly structured format.

✔️ End of the paper war

No more paperwork: piles of paper, lost forms and illegible applications are a thing of the past. Shift planning software makes everything clearer, more organized and simpler. As a shift planner, you always have everything in view when creating a shift schedule thanks to various display options. If a shift is not sufficiently staffed, for example, the system displays this and can be rectified in just a few steps. Conflicts of interest, work requests and data from working time recording and vacation management are also visible in the shift plan software. Thanks to cloud-based access, once staff scheduling has been completed, all employees can access the shift plan to view their working times - even using mobile devices via an app.

✔️ Transparent allocation procedure

Which shifts are not yet filled can be made visible to your staff online. Your employees then have the option of applying for their preferred shifts. This makes the allocation process transparent and you only need to select one available employee. The online procedure also offers you greater planning security and more creative freedom, as it is easier to integrate work requests into the shift planning. However, full transparency is of course not a must: in modern shift plan software, you can set individually for each employee which parts of the shift plan they are allowed to view.

✔️ Simply hand in work

Employees can specify work requests and thus contribute to the shift plan. In theory, however, shift plan software offers yet another possibility for participation: You can also assign planning tasks to your employees and let them create and manage partial or complete duty rosters. The assignment of rights function makes your work easier and, if you wish, you can distribute the planning process over several shoulders. Of course, the decision remains yours.

✔️ Security comes first

Paper can be lost, Excel documents can be accidentally deleted. With professional shift plan software, however, your data is safe. All entered shifts and working times are stored on several German servers. So even in the unlikely event of a server crash, no data is lost. All roster data can be called up at any time, regardless of location.

shyftplan - Shift plan software for all industries and sizes

You can continue to use Excel to create your duty roster and still have many things to think about: Data security, backups, access rights, IT organizational structure, hard drives for storage and a filing system for paper requests. Or you can switch to shyftplan and leave the administration to the software. This saves you a lot of time, nerves and, in the long term, money.

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