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The software for shift planning - fast, secure and efficient

Optimize shift planning in your company with our AI-supported software. Efficient, secure, reliable, automated.

Revolutionary shift planning: Have your shift plan created automatically

No more manual shift planning and tedious Excel spreadsheets! Our automatic shift planning software saves you time and stress. Have your shift plan created fully automatically and optimized, ensuring satisfied employees and higher productivity in your company. See for yourself how simple and effective shift planning can be.

Create shift plans more easily and quickly incl. SAP interface - Excel has had its day

shyftplan's automated planning technology enables you to create needs-based shift schedules that take into account your specifications such as qualifications, requirements, availability and rest periods - faster than ever before. Planning errors are avoided and the satisfaction of your employees increases measurably. With our SAP interface, you can now work even more easily and efficiently by synchronizing your shift planning directly with SAP and automatically exchanging data between the two systems.

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Shift planning in multi-shift systems - no problem with our  software

The coordination of complex multi-shift systems is fundamentally simplified with shyftplan's duty roster software. Whether a simple 2-shift system or four- and five-shift systems - with shyftplan you are able to schedule complicated shift models efficiently.

Self-determined and flexible working - Involve your employees in shift planning

The wishes of your employees are fulfilled with our duty roster program - from shift swaps to self-organized planning systems - without any restrictions in planning quality. The software monitors and ensures all quality requirements for staff scheduling in the background.

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Time recording - digital and transparent

The shyftplan duty roster program includes time recording software. This enables your employees to record their working hours digitally and in compliance with the European Court of Justice to the minute. Clocking in and out is made easy for your employees and you save valuable time and annoying paperwork.

Shift plan on all devices and always with you

Maintain an overview at all times, even on the move: The shift scheduling software from shyftplan is not only available in the browser, but can also be easily accessed in the app on all iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. For planners and employees.

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Implement plan changes quickly & react flexibly to current events

Rescheduling staff, changing duty rosters, compensating for absences - shyftplan supports you with intelligent recommendations for action, proirized according to time accounts and cost efficiency. Our system automatically checks your actions and eliminates errors.

Absence management fundamentally simplified

Using a qualification matrix, you can find suitable employees for shifts that have become vacant at short notice in just a few seconds. You can quickly see staff with the necessary qualifications who have no absence or shift conflicts. The employee is informed via a push notification.

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Are you looking for shift scheduling solution?

Would you like to find the best rostering software? Then download our free guide now! Learn more about different types of shift planning software and find out which solution is best for your company. Our detailed overview will help you with your research and make your choice easier.