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Your duty scheduling software - fast, secure and always available

With our cloud solution for duty scheduling, companies successfully automate their duty scheduling. Scalable to thousands of employees. Even for complex multi-shift systems.

Create shift plans automatically - never use Excel again!

Manual shift planning in Excel is time-consuming: you have to add tables, move shifts and then coordinate the new plans with the employees. It's easier with our automated rostering software. Have your duty rosters created automatically! All you have to do is enter the necessary information: Which employees have which skills, and when are they needed? Our smart software does the rest. Planning errors are avoided and your employees' satisfaction increases measurably. With shyftplan, you not only save time, but also costs.

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Shift scheduling for multi-shift systems - no problem with our AI-supported software

The coordination of complex multi-shift systems is fundamentally simplified with shyftplan's duty roster software. Our AI-supported software tool automatically calculates a shift plan according to your requirements. All you need to do is enter your operating data and employee data, and shyftplan takes care of everything else for you - whether it's a simple 2-shift system or four- and five-shift systems.

Involve employees in shift planning

Allow your employees to view their personal shift plans at any time, communicate preferred times, apply for free shifts or create absence requests.

You define in advance which authorizations your employees have: The individual features can be adapted precisely to your needs. You can also define certain rules that must always be taken into account when planning shifts - for example, a certain number of first aiders per shift.

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Implement roster changes quickly and flexibly

Rescheduling staff, changing shift plans, compensating for absences - shyftplan supports you with intelligent recommendations for action, proirized according to time accounts and cost efficiency. Our system automatically checks your actions and eliminates errors.

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No more Excel lists and manual shift notices

Have your shift plan on all devices and always with you

The shift scheduling software from shyftplan is not only available in the browser, but can also be easily accessed in the app on all iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. For planners and employees.

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Absence management fundamentally simplified

Using a qualification matrix, you can find suitable employees for shifts that have become vacant at short notice in just a few seconds. You can quickly see staff with the necessary qualifications who have no absence or shift conflicts. The employee is informed via a push notification.

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Time recording - digital and transparent

The shyftplan solutions includes time recording software. This enables your employees to record their working hours digitally and in compliance with the European Court of Justice to the minute. Clocking in and out is made easy for your employees and you save valuable time and annoying paperwork. Are you already working successfully with a time recording tool? No problem, our technicians will be happy to discuss integration with you.

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Why use online shift planning?

There are numerous reasons why your company should use duty scheduling software. Here are the most important advantages

  1. Your company saves time and money with automated duty roster planning
  2. The duty roster is always visible to all employees and can be accessed online
  3. You can actively involve employees in duty scheduling
  4. Duty scheduling software protects against errors. This means you have fewer worries and fewer disruptions to your operations
  5. You can react quickly and flexibly to absences
  6. You work 100% GDPR-compliant